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Artists .. The Struggling LIfe & Experience In Your Music Career

Started May 6, 2014 0 Replies

Are You Struggling....With Your Music CareerArtists!!! The Struggling Life & Experience In Your Music Career!In this Forum you may post the Struggling experience you have had with your music…Continue

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God Gave Me The Strength To Love The World,

Started this discussion. Last reply by QueenAJ Administrator Assistant! Apr 16, 2013. 11 Replies

God Gave Me strength to love the world , to Love the people around me, he gave me courage…Continue


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NewfiePrincessAudrey Queen AJ

"Hi there and Happy Holidays nice picture of you...I hope your Christmas was wonderful. "
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Hark the herald angels sing recorded by me NewfiePrincessAudrey vs NewfiePrincessAudrey

I wanted to do this song as duet, Hark the herald angels sing recorded by NewfiePrincessAudrey vs NewfiePrincessAudrey #Smule
Dec 3, 2019
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Blaze Of Glory duet NewfiePrincessAudrey vs NewfiePrincessAudrey an kenny Rogers

Double duet of me NewfiePrincessAudrey vs NewfiePrincessAudrey & Kenny Rogers , first time Recording this one folks , beautiful song, me an kenny Rogers shou...
Dec 2, 2019
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"I had to stop in my tracks, as I was drawn to your dream of heaven with your parents and brother. What you described is also familiar to me. Although I'm reluctant to share this, I had two similar..almost exact experiences, only, I died twice…"
Oct 30, 2019
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About Me
The Life Of Audrey Gillingham ( NewfiePrincessAudrey) (Queen Of Poze Productions)Queen Aj Audrey Gillingham

Well where do I start. ok I am 47 years old, I have 3 beautiful Girls, Michelle , Holly & Melissa They are my world, An joy . an everything to me, I also am married also that ,I come from a Place called Bell island, NL. I have lived there for 19 years, as you can say,I had good happy home, living on Bell Island,I loved my child hood days, which, i had many things , in my life, such as friends, pals, great parents, who always thought me right from wrong,but not always a happy home, with my family my dad, was a very hard man to live with, An my mom, was a wonderful lady. as we speak, we couldn't ask for any better, Living at home in family of 12. children which i come from big family, things so hard back then with family so big, I have 7 brothers, an 4 sisters, which I love them dearly, as a young kid living at home things was very tough for me as kid .but when you get older things really made big changes in my life, I had a lot of friends, who I love to hang around with an do my drawings Also doing lot of writings back then , I Would spend hours in my bed room just drawing things , that I never of dreamed, I become an artist one day , As of now I can do almost anything in life, I am a very creative artistic an a fabolous writer in poetry,

I also sing my music on http://pozeproductions.com/profile/AudreyGillingham.while I still spend a lot of time writing music like I did back home an still do my drawings especially for my kids, But as you get older in life things become more depressing,. there are worries on top of worries, like you never had when you was a kid, I guess you lose the old nerve I would say, but as things went through my life as young kid, I was so experienced in life just like young adult, I guess it follows down in generation I think more experienced, then any normal kid for only at the age of 10, I know almost everything about life, an what it was all about just wasn't old enough to be more responsible in life. because my mom & dad always done for us, as a parent would do for their children. but there come a time in my life , that I had to be more responsible in life. in lots of things that my mom & dad couldn't help me with, but I always asked them for advice in many things about life, But as I got older I learned many new things in my life as a young kid .just as I was growing up I had to be more responsible in life about things more serious in my life, so i realized its time for me to do whats best for myself, an not ask for any advice from my family but learned on my own more or less , As a young kid turning at the age of 13.

My life become, more different an difficult I didn't want to spend much time, with any family or friends ,my parents they always used to fight like cats an dogs as u would say, an listen to my parents and listen to them fighting & had to go bye there rules, wen I lived on Bell island I became more understanding in life but things become more difficult for me, when school got harder and things got rough turning 15 years old; almost 16 years old when I quit school. I only got grade 10 high school. I guess it wasn't a very smart thing to do, eh, at that age. But then I had to see if I can get work to help provide my family with life essentials; they wasn't rich people, far from it. My dad worked in the Iron Ore mines on the island; my mom never ever worked. She could only take care of us the best way she could, but the mines closed down and left my dad out of work. That tradgety left us with nothing ,really, as you could say. So someone in the family had to work and a make living. As for my sisters an brothers they have moved either away or was on there own, so some one had to help my family, because they were limited with basic essentials due to the fact that my father had previously lost his job.

So I decided to go to work with farming on Bell Island. First time I've ever had job; I was doing ok for long time. I kept my head with my family, so as things went in my life as working on farm wasn't that easy for me. By the time I would get home I'd be exhausted and I didn't want to even get out of my own way. A day on the farm was a like a month living a horrid nightmare and not being able to wake up, for me. This was because I was only young; the beginning of my teenage years. But despite all of that I still had to keep working and do what I could for my parents, for them to be proud of me. So as I got older in life my mom became very sick. she was put on oxygen for 10 years because of one of her lungs had collapsed, so there for they had to put her on oxygen to help her breath. when the days becoame so deep in my life, My mom passed, with cancer at the age 51 things started to get rough for me, i wasjust turning only 18 years old ,I had to stay an look after my dad me an my brother Paul, not long after my mom passed away , things started to fall apart for my dad, he started to lose lot of weight, an didnt want to eat anymore, he gave up on life more or less , he didn't last very long after my mom passed away, my dad passed away with a mass of heart attack, 6 months after my mom,he was 58 years old, it wasn't easy for me to find him passed away in his home on the morning I come of work things got really bad, for the Newman family, just like the world had ended in silance ,an my whole world was falling apart around me, I still from this day. miss them so very much , its not one day goes by I think of them. I wish I had them back but not to suffer in this God forsaken world,

At that very time before I lost my mom an dad, I met my husband Darrell who only knew my parents about 7 months, he tought the world of them so much, but never had a chance, too get to really know them very well, ,but as time went bye I decided to move Of Bell Island , an live not to far from home, I moved around lot an live with my brothers & sisters, Istayed with lot of my friends, back an forth, until I got settled down, things got quite difficult for me, moving around so much,.only a there a few years ago I lost my brother Randy, who was only 43 years old, he suffered a long battle with cancer at an early age,.only a young man trying to make it trough life on his own, but always will think of him, and will be in my heart forever, life still had to move forward for me, He was loving brother but had hard life Like my self as we all did as life had to move forward later in years I moved to Ochre Pit Cove ,

Things got really tough for me, after seeing so many drs treating me Iike I was nothing and nobody, an they didn't care if I had children or not just one bit of a total messed up life at that time .I developed a problem I had with Hyperthyroidism that changed my life thinking I had to get this fixed so I can have children, They gave me something that really put a damper on my life I dint know if I was gona make it or not. it almost cost my life , it was a treatmeant of Radioactive Iodine, Its a chemical they use in Nulcular medicine But felt it going to end my life with so many drs picking an poking at me for the treatment they gave me , the treatment was like supose to be 250 molcules of radioactive Iodine, they gave me 350 molcules an my life started to fail, an almost ended for me ,with so much treament an medication to fix my problem, But thanks to My family dr, he found the problem after my treatment then started me on medication right away, It felt like death was over me for about two months things started to fail my lungs my heart my mind felt slowly was dying inside everyday as the treatment of medication started to work, I felt lot better with the treatment that bough my life back together,

Now I am living in this place called ochre pit cove ,conception bay NL this is where I am living to now, It has been here for some time, like 17 years orlonger now, I got me self a family,, , but things are tough an hard, for me, I try make best of things in life, even tho they are bad ,I am starten to hate everything around me , for all the miss treating he done to me, never agree on anything only hate an not wanted ,, more or less, Thats life I deal with every day of my life,,but I guess thats a part of life every one has to go threw I guess, but life, can be so stressful, on times for me an my kids , But as each day goes by my kids get older in life gets more attracting they get involved in sports an things an school projects, an what not, It gives them the life that I never had growing up,, Nothing ain't easy n this world. ya got to work to survive, nothing don't be handed to you on a silver platter more or less, But now I'm involved in the music world that i have created Long time ago, I started of with karaoke music, an still do that but Now I write my own music an poetry all te time an things about life, , But still learning how to play guitar an other instruments its not easy but its worth a try, But to me I rather sing more then anything i'm pretty gifted in most things I do not only with my music, music never ever followed down in my family history Not that i know of ,I guess I just picked this up on my own more or less my dream was to be model But that all changed when I got into singing a lot more, it kind of took my mind of modeling so i desided i wanted to be a singer instead of a model, it has brang me long ways, from help of others ,with what i have created in my life with music, I rather this then anyting other career in my life, its something I feel proud of who i am, an sticking to someting that really makes me feel happy an joyable in my life an to others just to bring a smile to my family an friends has bougt my life with music, to the world of my open heart with my feelings that can explore the world of who I really am an what im made of,

I want to thank my best supporters michael Of Poze Productions & Poze Productions /Poze Records Inc for being so understanding with me & the love & support in every way an their encouragement they gave me to bring my heart out into the open world through my music, and thanks to all my family an friends who supported me with everything, Not one day goes by im very grateful an thankful for everything to all who have helped & Supported me, As I Will continue my love & support to Michael & Poze Productions / Poze Records Inc. i feel very impressed with their site from all tose people On there With the Love & Support & Respect, as i am there biggest supporter on there site to give them the love & support from me all the time , they have there hands full with me, haha ! jk.& to give them the best that I can an always will be part of Poze Productions family for as long as they want me to be,, Its a place I call my home with so many wonderful people that respect me so much as a loyal family with love & care & support together ,, an I Will always will be there supporter in the future for all there artists, Thats my life I live with my music an those wonderful people on Poze Productions/Poze Records Inc, thank you all so much for the love & support an putting up with me haahah Love you all so very much, An I am still in the process of writing music & Poetry an singing & learning how to play many things as each day goes by in my life, One day ill be On that big red carpet, for the world to see me what im really made of, it takes time an effort an a lot of encouragement to get where u wish to go in life an time is everything, but we still clime those hills, for what life is worth to be a great success in life, with my family an friends on Poze Productions/Poze Records Inc .thank you all so very much,

Written By Me Audrey Gillingham ( NewfiePrincessAudrey)Queen Of Poze Productions )
Ochre Pit Cove Newfoundland Canada
How did you hear about us?
Poze Productions/Poze Records Inc ! The Best In The Business! Love You My Poze Family! xox
What is your profession (singer, rapper, songwriter, poet, dancer, model, music fan, etc.)?
Singing!!! Drawing & painting , Poetry writing!! writing Music!!Crafting. Designing forum & website designing Banner designer.being Creative!! Karaoke Singing.. Carpenter work.. Photography,woodworking.Sewing,Flooring...carpeting,web Hosting an designing,etc.....Writing Music,Lyrics ,Writing About Life!ETC........Collage Of North Atlantic
Computers, ( Communicating skills( jrt ( job readiness training course, flagmen course, 10.11.12
learning to manage others an there ability on the job training learning the experience of coping with bosses an employees on the job training .. having respect for others in the work force, communicating skills inventory taking stock taking training process with communicating skills,
Activities and Societies: computers & communication skills, getting long with others, & co workers on the job training jrt job readiness training course/ flagman course ETC....
How many members are in your band?
NewfiePrincessAudrey ( Queen Of Poze Productions)
AudreyGillingham2009@hotmail.ca AudreyGillingham2009@hotmail.com
What is your style of music?
Country, Classic Rock, hard Rock.folk music, traditional music Gospel,Pop , ETC........... I love all kinds of Music, really don't matter to me, I love Music to my heart & the beat in my soul,with the Rhythm to love, my heart is to hold , with every breath in me, I take My Music with no instructions,I will Give My heart & soul & My 100% & best To Poze Productions, :))) gota love you guys!!! 100% best!! you make momma proud of who I am. my world revolves around you,!when u got the music I got the beat to the heart of Rock n Roll & Country Music hall of fame!!hahaahh
Who are your influences in the music industry?
, (Poze Productionsé Poze Records Inc)(Mike Of Poze Productions),(J.G. Da Chef), an all My fabulous Artists an Vip Artists on Poze Productions Poze Records Inc,(Professional singers Lady Gaga, Alan Jackson, George Strait,, Tim McGraw ,AC/DC ,George Jones, etc

Your Success To A Brighter Future Is What You Have Achieved In Life To Reach Your Goal.Think Positive & Stay In Control

Well if you need a personal judgement of trying to reach your success in life you must be powerful in what you do an create an work hard in everything you can do. you will make a successful future in reaching your goal in you life ahead of you, Stick to your career no one said it was easy, no matter how hard we try we have those hills an mountains we must climb to reach the success we want in life, Trying to be someone your not it will never work for you, be your self an what you can create from the smallest things to beautiful things in what you have created in life, you will success from it, stay powerful learn from your own experience, stay in control an think positive in what your creation is to reach your goal in life ,an you can may master from it. never let people judge you for what you want to create in life to be the successful person you want to be, be your own judgement of character in what makes you a successful person is creating something that belongs to you, your life judgement of your own experience brings a world of success around you, for the life you want to create, It will benefit you one day, stay in control, taking the smallest things first work hard on them , then work on the biggest things last ,bring them together you will get success from it,, its just a way of how you have the ability of doing things in your own prospective way of how you see the world around you, creating something you enjoy most doing in life like i have, I always dreamed of being a model one day, but music entered my heart , It was something I was interested in an love creating new ideas in music in a way to show the world what I was really made of. its not hard to do stick to whats most important to you an work hard on it, it creates the beauty in your life who you are an what makes you the successful person you have created,, an to the world that surrounds you. this is the only difference you can make in your life to achieve your goal is what matters to you an how to go about it in all the right directions.postive thinking what was once a dream to you .you can make it a reality in life, if you go the right way about it. its not easy but we work hard no matter what we do, life is a struggle sometimes but reaching your goal to be the successful person you want to be,you must be strong and stay positive about it ,an work hard on it to make that dream you once had a successful one, life is a challenge in every way, but if you want to reach to the top, you got to work hard for it no matter what it takes,. all theses steps will reward you one day to a better successful life, If I can do it . i'm sure you can to, the most important thing to remember is to be you ,an not be somebody your not, an for what you have created in life is the power of success , stay strong an powerful in everything you do, one day your life of success will bring you to a much brighter future for what you have created on your own, an have the ability of a successful life is taking control in what you truly believe in, your reward in life is the struggles you have been through you can write from it.think smart be in control ,your career is your success in life , Think positive an never lose control in what your ability has created for you, life is success an success is your life , the power of a perfect career is the life you lived an how you will benefit from it, never let any person say you can not do it, because you always can, stick to what you truly believe in an your success to a brighter future is what you have achieved in life to reach your goal.Think Positive & Stay In Control !

Written By Me NewfiePrincessAudrey

Alan Jackson. George strait,Sammy kershaw,George jones,etc....

QueenAJ Administrator Assistant!'s Blog

Reach for the Top not a stop written by NewfiePrincessAudrey Queen AJ

Posted on July 20, 2019 at 1:00am 0 Comments

You walk through life with many struggles , but at the end there is a light at the end of that tunnel, you will succeed , reach for the top not a stop . keep yourself above everything you do, even if u don’t want to , positive thinking can get you a long ways in life, it’s called hard work that pays of at the end , stick to…


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At 6:16pm on November 12, 2018, G.M.E Yung Mac said…

check out my new single  listen,like and share  https://youtu.be/eUajvS1-Gd0 

At 7:11pm on October 12, 2018, Poze Productions said…

Hello Audrey,

We checked the video uploading and it works fine. You will probably need to delete some of your videos.


At 11:10am on September 7, 2018, DJ BLACKZONE said…



At 3:51pm on December 23, 2017, Poze Productions said…

Great. All we would need you to do is send us some of your music and we can surely get them featured for you.

At 10:43pm on December 21, 2017, Poze Productions said…

Hi Queen AJ,

Great to see you active again. Would you like to have some of your songs aired on Poze Radio?

At 7:17am on December 16, 2016, DJ BLACKZONE said…
Listen to THUGZ by BLACKZONE #np on #SoundCloud
At 9:16pm on November 14, 2016, Poze Productions said…

QueenAJ Administrator Assistant we sent a message to the network to fix the problems. We have also had problems with the radio stations and I believe it just now being fix when you get a chance send some new music in Thanks for letting us know 

At 11:47pm on September 14, 2016, Nikki Stewart said…

Thanks queen Aj for sticking up for poze

At 2:12am on July 11, 2016, Poze Productions said…

Just to let you know, KJ will have a drone shot of the awards and an after party bus tour around Chicago. There will be a personal driver for the artists to be picked up. Performing artists will have a chance to get drone shots to add to their personal videos. We will let you know more information.


At 12:17am on April 9, 2015, Poze Productions said…

Glad you stop by miss ya    

poze staff

At 5:32am on March 24, 2015, Bruno Serra said…

Hello Dear,

How is everything with you,I picked interest on you after going through your short profile,I have something very vital to disclose to you,but I found it difficult to express myself here,since it's a public site.Could you please get back to me on(brunoserra1964@gmail.com)for the full details.
Have a nice day.

Bruno Serra.

At 12:19pm on March 1, 2015, Sophia Nichole Nachman said…


At 5:59am on December 27, 2014, DJ BLACKZONE said…

hello .. loving your page... im send you some of my music.. hope you like it

At 12:57am on November 25, 2014, Evans Robinson said…


At 3:40am on November 11, 2014, Jackson REED said…

Thank you so much for your support QueenAJ. Jah guide, peace. Jackson REED

At 9:48am on October 14, 2014, Corey Robertson said…

Thank you for the welcome! I appreciate it a lot!

At 9:33pm on October 12, 2014, ricardo duran said…
Thanks to u and poze productions for telling me about the akademia awards I was nominated for best song in my category
At 6:19pm on September 30, 2014, Geda Lion said…

thanks for accepting my friend request and also i love your music

At 3:16pm on September 30, 2014, Majesty Soulovely said…

Great music and vocals..Lovin the vibe here..Keep up all the great work...Much Respect

At 1:20pm on September 15, 2014, GARMASH BEATS said…

Thank you so much!!!


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