AKay TomBoy AKA Ashley Colquitt, is the New Wave with an old school soul. A delivery like a kick drum and her aggressive nature in story telling is compelling. She is a female hiphop artist coming for her own. young woman from Saint Louis Missouri’s Westside where opportunity definitely doesn’t come unless you create it and she is definitely creating her own lane. Freestyling gives her a chance to express her natural emotion right off the top of her head but making music lets her put melody to feelings as she begins to story tell. She just dropped her New Single “THE WAVE” off her EP “BLAAK MEDUSA” which which will be dropping soon. Her LIVE show embodies true artistry and you can see how serious she is about her craft. Stay tuned cause I think we’ve found who has next up. You can check her out on all streaming platforms.

Music Videos:

When did you discover music is what you were born to do?

 I was fortunate enough to understand my purpose early in my childhood. I used to sit on the porch, watch my uncles and my male cousins rap. They would be out there all night drinking Carlos Rocsi and I would watch how serious they would be. So when I got by myself, I would stand in the mirror, turn on my radio, and practice day in and day out. Then on Saturdays everyone would be over and one day I just jumped after praticing forever I started getting better and better.I started out rapping dudes from around my neighborhood,including my uncle's friends. Soon they started calling me "A Hundred Rounds"/ "Akay" because I would go non-stop. TomBoy I attached to it because from as far as I can remember I've been a TomBoy.Once I got the green light from my neighborhood,and my uncles, and cousins it was go after that and I've been entertaining ever since.

Years of Experience:

 Feels like since birth. I've been surrounded by music all of my life. Even before I developed my own sense of artistry, I was taking notes. Both of my parents were entertainers, my dad was a Michael Jackson impersonator and used to dance at all the malls and in and out of town. That's actually how he met my mother, my mom used to sing at all the venues and parties our community would throw. My mom would practice on her karaoke machine for hours practicing her notes. My siblings and I would sit on the couch; this was the only time we were allowed to be in the living room. We loved watching her perfect her talent. Even my grandfather had a group. Now, they used to really rehearse. I'm talking microphones, amps, and guitars. They had a Temptations vibe, no smoke and mirrors, just five guys harmonizing. My grandfather took his music very seriously and still does. I've always admire how dedicated they were. Music an entertainment has been a lifelong experience for me.

Jobs that you have had while still pursuing your musical career:

 My earliest job was flipping burgers. Overtime, I tried a few different career options. Eventually I became a production supervisor, and managed over 300 employees. I was good at managing large groups of people in crazy environments and I was making $70,000 a year and the job provided excellent benefits.

Working in production taught me teamwork values, how to communicate effectively, and that anything can get accomplished through hard work. Then one day I looked up and realized that the time I spent bringing someone else’s vision to life was murdering my own dream. I left that job behind with no regrets, people thought I was crazy when I told them I wasn't going back to work. That life just did not feed my soul like music. In a way, music taught me that happiness is not about how much money you make. If there is no passion in what you do you can never truly be happy.

Struggles that changed who you are as an artist.

 My mother gave birth to me at 16 years old. My mom always kept a roof over our head, but we struggled and moved a lot. I was forced to grow up fast because I had siblings that looked to me for a sense stability. I think that is why I have developed the mentality of a protector.

 I never was popular at school. I never had the good clothes or shoes. That’s tough on any kid. I knew I was different when I was younger, I just did not know why. Grandma always use to tell me i was special. In high school I started to get into trouble, so my mom and I clashed. I know now I was acting out because I was trying to figure myself out. I started battling rapping any and everyone. It was a way to release the pain I was feeling on the inside without fighting or getting in any more trouble. I told myself I'll just fight the world with my words. So I wrote down everything, on anything, napkin, receipt paper, envelopes just to get it out. Everything I felt, everything I was going through, how life as i seen it,and how it should've been. I wrote about my dreams. This made me really dig deep in my art. Battling allowed me to connect with the crowd and I use that in my LIVE shows now. Good, bad, or indifferent my struggles made me who I am. I try to make sure that every bit of who I am shows up in my artistry.

What is your inspiration or drive?

 I am inspired by pain, struggle, and the word no. I can remember times of having no electricity, no running water, catching three buses to get through high school, and at times having to take showers at the YMCA. No matter the setbacks, there was always something calling me to be great. Sometimes I can literally hear something calling my name. A lot of my life has been a struggle, but I always pull it together.

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Where can your music be heard?

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