The Truth is Best To be Told by Queen Of Poze Productions

Never let anyone bring you down to there level of stupidity, your stupid if you do, you are the one who comes first in life an if they want to fuck it brain wash you an actually make you believe it,,in the bullshit to think your stupid an knows nothing,take advice from someone who actually experienced it, me,people might say,gees shes dumb, but you know what,i ain't as dumb as u think i am. ,I may make mistakes in my grammar an cant spell fuck half time, but i can write like anything an i wont be fooled on anything that's put in my path, i will always find away around things,an get to bottom of things, then look out after that,people can fuck me around but when the time is right,all hell will break loose, its time to think of myself from now on an my daughter Melissa, i'm all shes got now an her two sisters Hollie an Michelle,an my self, remember karma is watching,an he can work mysterious ways to,life is bitch sometimes,but we all will get through those hard times an bad times as well as good times an sad times,things take time an time is everything as they say, an we will get through it one day at time for sure,, always think positive of things no matter what you do,or how hard it gets, there will always will be a bright side to mostly every thing you do to get a head in this world,that's the only way it will work out for the best, think of yourself an your children first,anything beyond that is not worth wasting your time over, true facts people ,face life as you see it , one day things will turn around,for the best,never give up on anything, its not worth the stress an torment with outside people. what they say or think an talk about you, ,they got to face their battles to one day it may be a lot harder then yours.they don't realize that till that day comes,but its coming to us all for sure,'but don't stress yourself out for someone else doings,your life is worth more then they can actually hold on to, be true to yourself an take care of yourself an children cause no one else will in this day an age, if people can not get along with one an other, the door is there keep walking through never come back,once that happens never get involved with anyone who's making trouble for you an only causing you a lot of grief an pain,an way to much stress.not worth fuck in my books an never will, people are just to selfish an wants things perfect, well they got the wrong person to come to your limits,im being me an no one will ever change me either, i'm not perfect an neither are you, so suck it up is all i can say,either stay or move the fuck on,that's my words my choice an if anyone does like my sassy attitude well ,its like this don't look at my typing, i have a mind of my own an the choices i make are mine ,if any person can not accept that then fuck of, i don't need rules to go by or being controlled either, for the fact i learned a lot over the years one hell of lot to,but go through it all over again that's a no no not in this life time or next one either, not worth it, we learn by our mistakes an we don't want to go through it all over again either, an that's the truth ,

Written by me NewfiePrincessAudrey (Queen Aj) (Administrator Assistant for  Michael an Harmony)

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Comment by QueenAJ Administrator Assistant! on July 20, 2019 at 1:37am

Thanks everyone xo 

Comment by QueenAJ Administrator Assistant! on May 12, 2018 at 8:21am

thank you so much Poze Poductions xo

Comment by QueenAJ Administrator Assistant! on January 29, 2018 at 12:53pm

thank you so very much Harmony xo

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