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TEECEE Experience(The Band)

Hi Poze Productions
We Just Wanted To Reach Out To "ALL" Members Of Poze Productions As We Are Looking For "Votes" For Our Songs Currently Entered Into The WWMC (World Wide Music Contest) We Currently Have x4 Songs Listed' Which Are Currently Ranked In The Top 50. BUT!!! We Need More Support To Help Us In Our Ranking. 
Please!!! Vote For Us In WWMC We Have x4 Songs Listed IN The Top 40. 
So Grateful!! For ALL Support Received From Both Members AND All Other Contemplating Members.
Thank You So Very Much

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Luiz Antonio Bergonso


In the Global Rockstar I'm in 3rd place in Brazil phase. I need to conquer the 1st place to compete to the International phase. In the two contests the vote is taken once a day.

In the Citizen.TV, I'm already 35 weeks finalist and I need be the finalist of month to attend the annual competition in 2014.!vo=%2Fo-cruz-de-amor-MX3lNQPcnG.html


LADII TC Eckstein, Vocalese 

TC Eckstein, Vocalese is a Jazz , Neo-Soul /Hip Hop, Inspirational, Multi-Genre SOLO/ COLLABORATIVE Multi-Music Award Winning Recording Artist with Studio Rebels/ POZE Records and VIP Artist / Partner. Ambassador to Black Women In Jazz & the Arts Division (WMASS/ Northeast ) . Host at Focus Springfield Community TV for TC ECKSTEIN'S 413 COMMUNITY CAFE VIA:COMCAST. Produced by Nathaniel Patterson of Solo Productions.
. Nu-Soul Collective Associate. A Lead Vocalist: Rick Eckstein Jazz Quintet/The Kevin Sharpe Group/Avery Sharpe Extended Family Choir/ Solo Perform/ Recordings! Favorite Quote: Hebrews Ch:11 Faith is The Substance...
Joel 2:13 Return to The Lord your God....
(" Just have to check it out"!)
* ♫•*¨*•.¸¸Ƹ̵̡?
I am very Blessed to be a part of the musician world of POZE PRODUCTIONS. I look forward to networking with musicians as I am a SOLO recording artist working with Studio Rebels I am Grateful For Much Of The Love n Motivational Support of my Sister/Cousins Charlotte Carolle and Arnaldo and Gary Eckstein

Maria Sanchez

X-Poze-Ing Music Award


Maria Elena Sanchez was born in Cuba, raised in NYC, lived for some years in Miami, and now resides in Houston, TX. Maria Elena started her musical career in her 20’s as a solo singer - she has been a church choir director and pianist/organist, piano teacher and aside from her music, a published poet - maybe that’s why lyric writing came easy to her. Now she wants to share her love of music with everyone - her goal being to have her music heard and sung all over the world.

Maria Elena's composition's style is unique; coming from her heart and extraordinary mind. Her music is inspired by the many decades of songwriters that have shared their unique sounds with us. 




Rarebreed (feat. Farrogoummo)


 I am the Chairman and CEO of Wayne Management Company. A multi-service company located in Brooklyn, NY. I am also President of Black Lion Entertainment. Our mission in the music industry is committed to helping the unsigned artist get maximum exposure. Currently handle promotions and management services for Blak Cheri, Blak Pearl, Nyce1, Farrogoummo, Million Dollar Ram, SyerSO, JayOMega and Yung GT.


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