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Doug E Fresh and Poze Staff 

Congratulations to VIP Artists That Have Received Offers from MAJOR Record Labels, Publishing companies, and Indie Labels

Congratulations to VIP Artists That Have Received Offers from MAJOR Record Labels, Publishing companies, and Indie Labels

Congratulations to VIP Artists That Have Received Offers from MAJOR Record Labels, Publishing companies, and Indie Labels

Congratulations to VIP Artists That Have Received Offers from MAJOR Record Labels, Publishing companies, and Indie Labels

Extreme Dream

 In 1992 Tony Cestaro and Shaun Tique formed Extreme Dream an all original Easy Listening, Adult Contemporary, Smooth Soft Rock, Singer Songwriter band. Tony and Shaun produced an album of the same name. Together they wrote all the music and lyrics, and from 1992-1994 spent a good deal of time in the studio arranging and recording Extreme Dream.
Shaun was the Vocalist, Guitarist[Lead] and Keyboardist, Tony served as 2nd Guitarist and chief Lyric Writer. Other Vocalist appeared on the album in addition to Shaun.......
The song The Cries Of The Children, which dealt with the subject of child abuse was a dark approach to Tony's lyric style.
The song was a song that needed to be written, and had a Pink Floyd feel to it. The song was recorded with Thereasa Arkel on Lead Vocals and was used in a video about Child Abuse, that was previewed at the Georgetown Optimist Club, Georgetown, In. It was also used at a Seminar about Child Abuse, put on by Audubon Hospital's Child Abuse Task Force. Louisville, Ky. Heaven Is A Place Of Eternal Living and Right Hand Of Our Father were, both written about Tony's parents and were a more spiritual aspect of the band. Critics have described Tony's songs as meaningful, deep and has a message behind everyone. His latest works: Baby Blue, Angel Eyes and Now It's Too LATE elaborate on more of a romantic level: And the emotional...... Eyes Of The Children, a song dedicated to children with childhood diseases, has generated several good reviews and Tony's Lyrics received a Certificate Of Accomplishment. And brought Tony to a higher level of musical achievement.

Keez Mc

Keez was raised in Harlem but lived in the Bronx. He’s also very focus he already has two mixtapes, one called Hungry Season and the second just now getting done called Hungry Season two (business as usual) and a album coming out this year called "Musical Therapy" both of his singles are doing good one called im on with it and "Report To The Dance Floor" he has 8,692 plays, 839 downloads off his singles, 6,795 fans his song "Report To The Dance Floor" is #3 on the club charts on and was placed # 40 for 5 weeks for songs in the top 100 list on ourstage. And currently has his own MTV Music Page and just recently got all his music in the Bill Board Music Store


Rap artist from Michigan. Pride myself on perfecting my craft every day and learning constantly. My dreams are so big they scare average-minded people.

Congratulations! Has Received Publishing Deal with Black Lion Entertainment Music Group


Congratulations!  VIP Artists That Has Received Offers from MAJOR record labels & Publishing co. Indie labels


The Honorifics



This is a press release submitted to the Las Vegas Sun. It has not been verified or edited by the Sun.


The Honorifics Live at The Smith Center

Published on Mon, Jan 13, 2014 (12:26 p.m.)



With Special Guest – Comedian Andy Martello

Las Vegas, NV, February 13 & 20, 2014– Rock and Roll as it should be - FUN! 

How do you describe the indescribable? The Honorifics are a Las Vegas based Rock and Roll group that puts the fun back into music. Their unique sound is fresh, fun and catchy as hell! The Honorifics are doing something bold and beautiful that helps us all to remember why great music lives and grows forever. See the band that started, “The New Oldies.” With Special Guest Andy Martello and surprises, this is a spectacular event you won’t want to miss!”

The Honorifics are releasing their new album entitled ¡WOW! at the events and they will have the CDs available after the shows. 

If you would like more information about these shows, please contact 702-749-2000


Congratulations! Received offers from Major Record Label

 Yolanda R.



Cheryl Boutz

Congratulations! Received offers from Major Record Label

 Christine Rose

Congratulations! Received offers from Major Record Labels


LADII TC Eckstein, Vocalese

Congratulations! Received offers from Major Record Label






Sheila DeWitt

 Congratulations! Received offers from MAJOR record labels

Congratulations to Sheila Dewitt!!!

Sheila DeWitt is Poze Productions' VIP artist and have just received offers from BIG/MAJOR record labels in the music industry. We take pride in all of our artists, therefore, we know Sheila DeWitt will be a huge success. Sheila's been in the studio working with her vocal coach and getting ready to put down some new stuff.please check out her website in a few days for updates. 


Adam Ferguson

 Congratulations! Received offers from MAJOR record labels


The Unstable Project

Congratulations! Received offers from MAJOR record labels

Maxlink AkA Dark Angel

Congratulations! Received offers from MAJOR record labels


Maxlink AkA Dark Angel



Congratulations! Received offers from MAJOR record labels

"I love you guys. I have been with Poze Productions for quite some time now. I received a distribution deal for my singing in Europe. They got me a touring deal and I opened up for Kelly Rowland. I am back now working on my record deal. Great to…"

 Julie Rheaume

Congratulations to Julie Rheaume

 Nominee Rock Artist  For The Hollywood Music and Media Awards 


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New to this site but i must say it's awesome!!!

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The Best of the Best is at Poze.

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Congrats to all you beautiful souls! Wishing you mad success in 2018 and the years to come!  Much love to you all! 

Comment by kirk delaney miller on December 17, 2017 at 7:36pm

I really hope I can make it one day with my recording beat i make it would be nice best instrumental musician.

Comment by GEARLD M Roath on August 8, 2017 at 3:24pm
I would flip out if I got a record DEAL it would be a dream come true..but I don't think it's gonna happen for me not because I'm not good enough it's cause lots of record labels either want lots of money from ya or your not what we're looking for or your sound would be fantastic to get one it's me cool
Comment by Paulette Triplett on May 9, 2017 at 6:49am
Congratulations everybody and I wish you much continued success. ROCK IT OIT!!!!
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Congratulations Everyone!!!!

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POZE music your world looking great an sounding great
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Listen to DICKIE BOI THE MARTIAN by Dickie Boi Johnson #np on #SoundCloud
Comment by Torshanda on August 25, 2016 at 8:53am
Can't wait to become a v.i.p artist next week so poze can book shows for me and open up more possibilities for my future
Comment by TEECEE Experience (The Band) on June 7, 2016 at 4:35am

Congratulations!!! to all these amazing artists who have been successful with being assigned 

"Major Record Labels" 

Comment by Grinch Dollaz on February 26, 2016 at 10:50pm

that amazing

Comment by Cali on February 17, 2016 at 1:30am

Congrats to all......Hopefully one day i can join you all and do music or tour together...#stayfocus #hardworkpayoff

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Congrats all you special artists who worked it and earned it..!!.. All smiles and much respect on your journeys.... see you in the movies..!!.. J Jourden Toronto Pictures/Global Film Studios

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Congradulations that is so amazing and a blessing
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one love, everlasting to all you bless folks, our fathers love you, and me too, enjoy.

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Bless us. Our Father Lives. I wish y'all the best, go for It. and give thanks.

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