The Dream I Had & The Experience I had With Heaven

          The Dream  I Had & The Experience I had With Heaven

In the Year Of 2010 I had this beautiful dream about My parents, On this day around the month of July Year 2010, I was setting back just watching a little T.V. to my self, I happen to fall sleep this day, I was feeling very tired, then this dream started, I was at this big mansion  with lots of beautiful flowers so colorful an beautiful everything seamed, Bright an shining with a haze of fog around everything, 

with red satin drapery In the windows of this big mansion, it had a stairway that seamed so Long in distance, My whole family was there,everything was in a haze  like a cloud of white smoke forming around everyone. An everyone was talking like in distance, I seen My brother who died an my dad an mum, I looked around the room, an it seamed like nothing was looking real it was Like to hazy with white fog Like a cloud of smoke around other people,

I looked across the room I seen My brother just setting there smiling looking at me, I looked at him an smiled, I new he was passed on years before this dream,, I heard my dad calling me, I looked around he had a White haze over him he said , your  mother is up stairs, he said, I said ok dad I will go Up an see her,

She called out to me, I'm up here she said, I walked that stairway like it took for hours an hours to walk this stairway so beautiful .As I can see, it was a white hazy background  all the way up that stairway, by the time I got to the top of the stairs, mum said I'm in here she said. I followed her voice to her bedroom, I looked around, an seen her sitting on this bed of red satin with white all around It, an the windows was so bright like foggy form in glaze that was shining so beautiful,

She come over beside me an said This will be all yours one day she said. I said I will never have a mansion like this mum, she said you will, I said I won't . she sad You will be happy just like I am. I couldn't believe what I was hearing,I said mum but your in heaven now with dad , how can this be, How can u have  such a beautiful home when you pass on ,

She said my Dear Audrey, God gives us great gifts when we pass on in life, I said Mum , I don't want this like this way, she said Audrey I know you don't have whole Lot in life she said, I said don't. but I get by with what I have,she looked at me an she took out this little book an it was sets of numbers written  on this book she said take them  an use them I said what's this for Mum, she said you will have this luck an mansion, like i do, I said i will never have this in life, she said all good things will happen for u , an u will have the mansion like i have ,

I said Ok mum I took the set of numbers an put them in my pocket, why I don't know,I don't know what these numbers meant an I can not remember those numbers at all, I left my mom an walked down that stairway, my dad was at the bottom of the stairs, an said come Audrey,

I walked down the stairs It took a long long time to reach the bottom of the stairs, I talked to my father, he said look around you., You will have all of this some day, My eyes filled with tears,  I knew what he meant, I got scared, It was like dream that heaven was waiting for me, but I wasn't ready to go, an My parents knew it wasn't time, so they let me go.

As I  finished talking to my dad I said how come no one is talking, he said, your in dream everyone is waiting .I said waiting for what an who,  he said you, I said I'm not ready to go yet .dad spoke in a soft sweet voice an said we know its not your time, But you will have this mansion like your mum an me, i said maby some day dad maby some day,

I said I'm gong now, I open the door an walked out of this big mansion, I can see flowers, clouds, an gates that surrounded this mansion as I walked that path so Frightened, I can see this mansion fade away like in the fog, everything vanished around me,

I woke up, My heart was pounding out of my chest so fast, it was like I was in a near death experience But I was frighten .after I woke up it seamed so real an beautiful, But in a distance of a foggy cloud like smoke, an a haze around everything an everyone, I can see those flowers so beautiful an colorful with a white haze around it,, I guess I wasn't ready to be with mum an dad an my brother, I guess God looked at me an seen I had a family to raise up so they watch over me,with the experience Of heaven,

This dream meant something  what I don't know, But I know God  didn't want to take me for many reasons, cause I Am  one of his Angels to, I will never forget this dream In my whole life. it was dream of My parents that passed on 24 years ago, an my brother who passed away 8 years ago, It was something to remind me they are in a better place then all of us, when God wants me he will call me, until then My life continues  to the life I want to be happy an enjoy life until God see's his time to take me, i will never know what those set of numbers that mum gave me meant .

This is the stairway that I have seen in my dream, It was a stairway To heaven as I can see.An it was a near death experience for me as I felt it was. It was a nice feeling but a scary feeling I had, it was something I will never forget in my life, But God watches Over His Angels , Beause I choose to be one of them,

Written by Me NewfiePrincessAudrey

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Comment by Calvin Allen on October 30, 2019 at 10:56am

I had to stop in my tracks, as I was drawn to your dream of heaven with your parents and brother. What you described is also familiar to me. Although I'm reluctant to share this, I had two similar..almost exact experiences, only, I died twice and went to heaven. I say "I'm reluctant to share this," because many won't understand it, and some may even think we've "flew off a coo-coo nest. However, I had to share my experiences after reading your post.

If you have visited my page on Poze and have listened to any of my songs, you will notice that all of them praises God, and gives testimonies of His gracious goodness. That is because He gives them to me sometimes weekly, early in the morning, in my spirit. The melody you will hear is also given to me to match the rhythm of each song. God commands me through music to give praise and testimony of how great He is.

In 1984, while incarcerated in a small jail cell in the south (where I was raised), I bled out all of the blood in my body except 1 unit. I had died before being taken to the local hospital by the COs (jailers). While I had passed, I was taken to heaven, where the lights were so bright and the music I heard was so soft and mellow, I remember saying to God, "I don't want to go back, I don't want to go back, please let me stay here." He said, "not yet." When I came back to life, I was very very angry that I couldn't stay there. And subsequently, after the entrance back to life, the doctors said to the Jailer who had taken me to the hospital, "He has a 50/50 chance of living. He didn't think I had heard him, but I did hear and began to cover my head under the covers, while lying in the hospital bed in "intensity care ." I was hot!! Angry that I couldn't stay in heaven where it was like nothing anyone could ever imagine here on earth. My deaths, both of them was a result of an ulcer perforating (Bled-out), after my abuse with alcohol. I had developed an ulcer at a very young age. The second visit to heaven was identical to the first. Same mishap...same brightness and same music. It was so beautiful that, on both occasions, I hated coming back here. 

Today, I tell people to not fear death. It is more beautiful than anyone could ever imagine. I pray this doesn't stir up any bias or critiques, however, this is my testimony to you, confirming your dream and witness to a place where there is peace that surpasses all understanding in heaven.  Today I have been transformed by God and I minister through music (testimonies), Christian Books, and social media all over the world.

What you saw is real. And my interpretation of your dream coincide with what is written in scriptures, that,  "And it shall come to pass in the last days, saith God, I will pour out of my Spirit upon all flesh: and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, and your young men shall see visions, and your old men shall dream dreams" (Acts 2:17, Joel 2:28).  Your mom and dad is right, you will inherit the mansion that you saw in your dream. Whether here and in heaven, or in heaven only.  Remember, Jesus says to us,  "Let not your heart be troubled: ye believe in God, believe also in me. In my Father's house are many "mansions" (John 14:1-2).  You dream confirms your place after leaving this earth. God bless you!!!

Not everyone sees this great declaration of God, but many shall come!!

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MAy God bless you in all of your endeavors!!

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