My Friendship Is A Special Gift To Those Who Is Being Honest With Me.

  • My friendship is a special gift. generously given to those who are being honest with me an not use me for a sucker an there needs an then turn your back on you when other things are better for them,,lots keep there distance but return when they want something from you,..never fall for this if you do your being used by that person who you though was your friend but not your friend at all ..

,friendship is all about caring about the person who respects you , loves you as a true honest friend an is being there for you no matter what the situation is,, close friendship consists of being able to tell each other anything, supporting each other and just genuinely feeling at ease with someone and they can make you laugh & Smile though anything,not only come around when they need you , thats not a friendship thats being disrespectful an being used by your closes friend, which close friends should always be there for one another,no matter how hard things may get they stick together for one another,all the time,, not drift apart when someone comes along better then you, thats not being a true honest friend,,

if someone done that to me, that would really hurt me, an id never be able to trust that person ever again,,,cause of being used by them. , cause after all the time you spend with a close friend talking an telling them things that no other knows about you, an share everything together ,, then all of sudden its gone,,

hmmm. i doubt it in my mind i can trust another friend .cause when one friend spoils it, it makes you feel not to trust another friend for how you got hurt, it dont just take over night to trust someone,,it can take like years to build up the friendship & trust you may want with them.

a true honest friend who believes in you,respects you who cares so much about you an trust into you all the time. an not hurt you in any way,,thats what close friends do for one another, not hurt one another,look for the signs when your being used & played with , you will know,,keep an eye out who your true real friends really are..

you can be surprised sometimes,how friends can use you an just stab you right in the heart, like you dont matter to them.. people gota to wake up.sometimes you can not be to careful who your real friends are & who you want to trust,,,, not everyone is always what you expect of them but find out later in life, that they are not the friend you though they were,,

look around you ,one person can change over night, but end up getting farther apart from you, cause they already know when they are being used by you,, be smart.. i know i am!!!!! Im a smart ass not a dumb ass!! hahah — feeling Awesome.

Written By Me Queen Of Poze Productions

C/O Michael Of Poze Productions 

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Comment by QueenAJ Administrator Assistant! on August 23, 2014 at 12:35pm

thank you so much honey ! xo

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