Never let the person you love feel alone no matter what it takes to bring them happiness. Be gentle with your soul an to the one you really love,because there is never an answer to what someone else is feeling, No matter how long their journey is with the struggles in their life we promise to be gentle an kind to that person,
talking helps , a strong commutation among them can make them see the light of day. The journey never ends here ,
The choices that people make sometimes are the wrong ones, But never judge them for that reason, there is always a light at the end of the tunnel as they say. The faith an hope that will lead you in the right direction when the time is right, have faith an believe in your self that life ain’t all that hard , only if you choose to live it this way,

The choice is yours, but not talking about it makes it even harder for that person to continue. Stand by them no matter how hard a situation is , show that person you care an love them from the moment you met them., an love them just the way they are an nothing more should matter.
Your their for them .
You can never heal a wounded person but u can try and do what’s best for them to let them know you don’t give up on yourself cause of a few problems, when there is a will there is a way around most things, but feel that God has a plan for each of us,
The healing process will take time, it’s all based on you an how strong u are inside to handle life the way you see it, you are not the first person to say this is hard , actually it’s not hard you may feel it is but no it ain’t, if u want to make changes in your life then do it for ya self not for others, cause at the end of the day it will only be you to fall through those cracks no one else.

Learn to deal with things, stop an think is this right for you . choose your own life to the way of freedom you want , every one has one. You may feel alone doing this but do what best for u an no one else,.Its you that has to make the choices and suffer the consequences, not anyone else .

Never let someone lead you in the wrong direction, your choice is yours , and most of us are powerful enough to over come this part of life of feeling alone, confused no one wants to feel alone not even me, but their will come a time in your life you will feel so empty in life, that nothing matters, but it do matter , God give love to those who love an care for their selves first . an I’m one of them,

Set a goal in life that you will reach the top , have a little faith in yourself as well , it’s not who’s better then you, it’s you who want to better ya self an give ya self some space time an freedom to think. that every day is not a bad day , life ain’t all that hard unless you give up. An giving up is not what a person needs to do, free yourself from your enemies. free your self from those who bring you down, free your self from unwanted things that cause you pain an grief, everyone has a story.

But at the end, the choices you make is for you, everyone has its day with struggles coping with life an heading in the wrong direction but that’s a part of life we all have to face in time, pick ya self up love yourself for how far you have grown to bring ya self to the level that you are today,. You can do it, who sais you can’t,

If you got a weak mind, try to be stronger , try harder life is beautiful use it wisely, we live only once in life, make the best of it with what u have already, it’s not a crime to admit your mistakes , we all make mistakes in life no one is perfect, not you not me not anyone .

Perfect is not a word we all have our faults in life no matter who we are, good an bad, but never lay your burdens on someone else’s shoulders , we deal with our own demons, face the world by believing in yourself first, God will not help with this it’s you that has to help yourself in every which way you can, for the better of yourself,

No one knows what someone else’s feelings are until you give that person your love , trust toward them, I know trust is a hard word to swallow , but you have to give that one person so much trust but not fully , it takes time an effort an a little bit of confidence in your self to get their as well, to heal yourself,

Every day is a new chapter in your life . And every ending will start a new beginning , never give up for what you believe in. The life you choose for you , will bring out the best in you , for how you want it to be. An no one else, don’t sacrifice anything for anyone else but you yourself, cause life has two roads , the wrong an the right , the wrong path will get you no where , the right path will get you on tract. An a way to freedom yourself , that you matter in life first. The choice is still yours no matter what way you go about it, heal yourself first , no one can do this but you,

Written by me, NewfiePrincessAudrey



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