But, help what?
Help to have fun, to dance, to laugh, to cry, to remember a specific moment or a lived experience, to remember a loved one, a love of the past, to conquer your partner, to escape, to be distracted, to relax , to concentrate, etc, etc, etc.

A MUSICAL REBEL sees itself as a person with the ability to help those other people through the feelings, emotions, values ​​and messages that their music contains.


How are the two industries different? I explain it to you next:

Artists who follow the method according to the old music industry usually do the following:

1.- They invest money in creating a product.

2.-Professionals are hired to improve it (producer, audio / video engineer, etc.)

3.-An investment is made until it is "perfect" to sell. (Cover design,

of logo, mastering, image advice, etc).

4.- It is spent on promotion to sell the product. (Posters, advertising, press, radio,

fanzines, etc).

And this does not work because:

1.- NO ONE buys you if he does not know you.
2.-You have not generated the confidence of the public.
3.-There are MILLIONS of offers besides yours.
4.-People have no reason to listen to you and even less to buy you.

RESULT: You lose all that money, time and effort invested. And remember:


... But now, let's see how THE NEW MUSICAL INDUSTRY works:

1.- An investment is made to attract potentially interested public.
2.-An education process is worked with these people. (Contents of VALUE).
3.-A product was created next to them.
4.-These people buy you because they know you, they love you and they know what you offer them.

RESULT: Working strategically and using the right tools, you recover your investment and obtain benefits to continue investing in more strategies.

Imagine that you go down the street one day and suddenly you see a person who attracts you enormously, you feel the "crush", as they say.
You value weapons and decide to address it in front saying: "Good morning !, My name is" X ", I am a good person, honest, hardworking, sincere, fun, faithful, etc ... Do you want to marry me?"
Most likely, I'll look at you with a frightened face and run off in the opposite direction or call the police or make fun of you, right?

Well this is the same impression that the audience has when you overwhelm them without warning with your music.

Do yourself a favor: Never again upload your music in any social network. Before taking this step, you must do a previous job of attracting attention, generating trust and interaction.

There are THREE kinds of people:
1º.- Those who walk on the sidewalk.
2º.- Those that go by the road.
3º.- Those who travel on the highway.
Those who walk on the sidewalk, are those people locked in a closed circle, with a closed mind: A stable job, a salary for life, tighten screws in a factory for forty years and reach retirement by collecting a misera pension is your ideal life concept. They never lose because they NEVER RISK, but NEVER WIN BECAUSE THEY NEVER RISK. The sidewalk is the busiest area. It's full of people like that.
People who go on the road are those who have an entrepreneurial spirit, but in the old way, as has been done throughout life. The profile of this type of person would be that of the typical physical business at street level, that is, the stores. They are autonomous, they depend on the clientele they can generate and assume a great risk by investing in a store, their packaging, stock of products, advertising, etc.
SUCCESS has no magic formulas, nor recipes. Success is a process, a long-distance race in which we will always encounter obstacles.
People who travel on the highway, are those who know that success is not pursued ... if not ATTRACT.
But in the achievement of our goals, as I said before, we are going to find many obstacles that I like to call ENEMIES.
When fighting for our goals we will find two kinds of enemies:
VISIBLE enemies. What can be, for example our environment, time, financing, etc.

And the INVISIBLE enemy: This is much more dangerous because we do not see it coming because it is inside of us. It acts when we least expect it and behaves like a virus or an infection, intoxicating us little by little.
If we allow it, it will take control of our actions, diverting us from our path or even killing our dream.
Next I will describe the main invisible traps generated by that inner enemy.
1ª.- The perfectionism.
Do not try to have everything perfect before taking a step. Indeed, your plan must have drawn some master lines: Goal, goals and sub-goals, but if you immerse yourself in the jungle of perfection before you start, the time will pass and by the time you start moving your competition you will have taken the lead.
You must TAKE ACTION and start !! NOW! The pretended perfection before taking a step can come down with the first unforeseen or with the first variable that arises. Do not be afraid to make a mistake, this is something natural. You will correct and adapt as you go. In addition, mistakes will be your best allies and the best school.

2º.- The boredom of the REPETITION.
Repetition is a concept that is very familiar to us. Our condition as musicians forces us to practice and repeat exercises and scales continuously.
Bruce Lee said: "I do not fear the man who knows how to give 10,000 different blows, if not the man who has practiced the same blow 10,000 times".
The worst enemies of the practice are BOREDNESS and DEJECTION. BOREDOM: Those 5 or 10 extra minutes that you practice despite boredom are what will differentiate you from the rest.
DEJADEZ: We usually tell ourselves (as for example, smokers), that nothing happens because we do not act. Like smokers, there are no immediate consequences, so there is no feeling of danger or alarm. But in the long run, POSTPONER or PROCRASTINAR have, like tobacco, dire consequences.
Believe me: Continue while others leave. YOU HAVE A SAFE PRIZE.

3º.- Believe that CREATIVITY only appears in moments of inspiration.
Great ideas are not the fruit of a moment of inspiration, but of a PROCESS. If you persevere, a little every day. If you discipline yourself to practice or work without hurry but without pause you will be generating almost without realizing tons of inspiration. And when that great idea is presented, inevitably you will be

4º.- Wait for the PERFECT moment.
This is usually one of the favorite traps of FEAR. We are all afraid of something: fear of failure, rejection, ridicule, poverty, public speaking, etc.
I repeat, we will always be afraid of something. What makes the difference is the way we deal with it and how we manage it.
Giving in to fear is giving a blank check to self-limitation.
Who has not experienced the tingling of fear or insecurity, for example, before going on stage?
And what happened once you're up and the music has started playing?

5º.- Not having your objectives WELL CLEAR AND DEFINED.
Writing your goals is essential: Goals, sub-goals, your roadmap must be well written and well delimited.
Your goals must be REAL, MEASURABLE, REACHABLE REASONABLE, TEMPORARY / There are no impossible goals, if not impossible time margins)
6º.- Allow your negative thoughts to eclipse your positive thoughts.
Your energy goes where you put your attention. If you concentrate on the bad, that is what you will get. Your thoughts take you to a mental state and that mental state is what influences your brain, which is what is sending your movements. In your decisions and your actions.
You must be careful with where you put your thoughts. Discipline to always put yourself in the good, in the positive. Go to the good side of things, because there always is. Concentrate on solutions instead of problems.
Progress is never linear. After a period of fertility there is always a break and this happens to all of us. When it does not happen, it is important not to be overwhelmed by panic or discouragement. Assume it as something natural, because it is simply our mind fitting the pieces, processing what we have learned and landing everything while preparing for the next jump.
8º.- Not distinguishing PRIORITIES.
When you have set a goal and you have created a roadmap to achieve it, along the way we usually find elements of little or no importance that distract our attention and deconcentrate us, with the danger of making us lose focus on the main thing.
Always have your final goal in focus. It's worth writing your list of short, medium and long-term priorities on paper. Eliminating the unnecessary, you will save tons of stress, time and even money.

9º.- Accumulate knowledge and believe that this is enough.
All the knowledge of the world, all the best existing tools will not do you any good if you do not take action.
Make yourself a promise: From here on you will take immediate action, without waiting for perfection and without waiting for the perfect moment. It is what they call MASSIVE IMPERFECT ACTION.
Once again, your worst enemy here is PROCRASTINATION and FEAR. Take that step forward even if fear tells you otherwise. You need to ACT. You need WRONG. YOU NEED TO TAKE THE REINS.

10º.- Do not say: !! NO!
No to the toxic relationship, even, not to oneself. Not to laziness, not to postpone, not to harmful opinions.
Contrary to what most artists believe, the PERSONAL MARK is not only music, video clips or aesthetics.
A well-defined personal brand is based on AUTHENTICITY. Analyze yourself and ask yourself questions: What are my artistic influences? What style / s? What are and have been my artists or reference bands? Do I like live performances? I like romantic music? The rock? The blues? The sauce? Electronic music? I like beer? Do I like bars? I like to travel? I like children? Do you hate political corruption? Are you worried about ecology?
When you have all the answers, you have basically defined the characteristics of your AVATAR (or target audience). It's like looking in a mirror.
Through these values, feelings and emotions will be the way in which you will communicate with him, through publications and using strategies to make him fall in love and captivate you ... but always from YOUR IDENTITY, which emanates from THE AUTHENTICITY.

Dear brothers and sisters of this wonderful family:

I hope these posts are to your liking. I would love to read your comments. I will soon be back with the THIRD DELIVERY.


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