Frida Maria & Charlie Atom Releases New Hit Single “Moments”

Frida Maria is a Swedish/Danish artist, model, and actress. Her style of music is a mix of different genres, including Dream Indie Pop/Rock, New Age, World, and Electronic Sounds. Her unique way of writing is presented in a poetic way and is demonstrated throughout her songwriting and lyrics. Her inspiration comes from deep intuitive feelings based on her life experiences and emotions. She blends a lot of sounds and ideas into her own style and creates her music based on the current momentum and her state of mind. With the meditative sound of a voice, she creates a harmonic atmosphere for her listeners.

The song “Moments” comes from being in the now, in the ‘moment’. I tried to not overthink it too much and wrote it very quickly with feelings and words that just came to me. The meaning of the letters are yin and yang, because it’s a pretty dark writing, but in another way it’s happy, and the song/beat/melody itself gives you a happy feeling. It’s a play of emotions we face daily and everyone experiences ‘moments’ in their own unique way, so the writing is pretty universal when you think about it, because it can apply differently to whoever is interpreting the song in their precise ‘moment’.

I came with the lyrics and the initial melody to DJ Charlie Atom, and I sang it to him acapella in his studio in Mexico City. Quickly he nailed down the piano melody structure of the song and we went directly from there to record the vocals and then he did the entire production of additional beats/instruments and mastering. We made this song in a few hours, and I think that is why it’s nice that the name is “Moments”; because we just went for it and didn’t hesitate to create a cool piece of music in the moment we were in at the time.

Charlie Atom did the mastering and production of the song.

My message with this song is to let go and be in the moment no matter what we’re going through. Life is full of moments, and I think all of them creates new moments that helps us experience life. The first verse of the song talks about dark moments, and then the second verse talks about having fun in the summer while dancing with your friends and hearing the angels sing... So, dark or light moments, we all have them, and what we all have in common is that we are all living them in the precise moment, in the now, and they’re flashing through our eyes and existence and they jump us in to the next moment, which is technically also in the “now” but with a new take on it.

I want the audience to have a good time with this song. I want them to feel happy in the moment and excited about their life. I want them to tune into their feelings and experience the melody buildup of this song, as it takes you on a journey of emotions and exhilaration.


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