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  • 1.
  • 2.
    Summer Calls Me.
  • 3.
  • 4.
    My Aluminum Soul.
  • 5.
    God's Perfect Instruments.
  • 6.
    Guardian Angel.
  • 7.
    Gigs and cheap digs and an aching that's big.
  • 8.
    Sweet Kindling
  • 9.
    Dust Never Sleeps!
  • 10.
    You Don't Want To Be A Nobody.-An open song to my son
  • 11.
    You Ain't No Son of Man......Charles Manson.
  • 12.
  • 13.
  • 14.
    Taint no words
  • 15.
  • 16.
    Sorrow Is An Old Freind Of Mine.-0001
  • 17.
    Simple words...Basic Rhymes.
  • 18.
    New lang Syne !!-Movie_0004.wmv
  • 19.
  • 20.
    Me'nage A Duex.
  • 21.
    Let's Keep Making Memories.wmv
  • 22.
    Just Dreaming For Now
  • 23.
  • 24.
    Love Was Just A Glance Away
  • 25.
    Just Blowing Smoke The Color of my Blues
  • 26.
    Love is Elusive
  • 27.
    Just Another Road...... Tripped.
  • 28.
    Just A Thorn Now-MP3 Format
  • 29.
  • 30.
    It All Goes Way Too Fast
  • 31.
    Intense Moments
  • 32.
    It's All About Hope !
  • 33.
    In The Summers Of Your Heart.
  • 34.
    I'm Still In Love With Your Memory
  • 35.
  • 36.
    I Am The Voice of Sanity
  • 37.
    Holding Hands With A memory..wmv
  • 38.
    High School Sweethearts_0001-Mp3 format
  • 39.
  • 40.
    From The Wreck Of A Text. (New)
  • 41.
  • 42.
    Center Stage Blues.
  • 43.
  • 44.
    Chance Encounter
  • 45.
    Exit 72...Just South Of Whatever._0001
  • 46.
    Age is Endless Pages Blowing In The Winds..wmv
  • 47.
  • 48.
    Sultry Eyes
  • 49.
    Memory Laine....Aisle 2_0001-MP 3
  • 50.
    Audio_0002-mp3-love goes it knows no seasons
  • 51.
    The Girl I'll Never Know-Audio_0001
  • 52.
    The Many Colors Of the Blues..wmv
  • 53.
    Wallflowers Without Roots
  • 54.
    What Good Is Sanity
  • 55.
    Smoke Rings And Destiny_0001
  • 56.
    One Final Trip Down Memory Lane.
  • 57.
    Hurry...Scurry....Never Worry.
  • 58.
    It's Just A Useless Piece Of Paper-_0001-Mp3 Format
  • 59.
    When It's Cold Ouside
  • 60.
    A Love Ballad.
  • 61.
    A Dirge For The Lonely.
  • 62.
    I Am The Bullet
  • 63.
    What I feel In me.
  • 64.
    Some Thoughts While Standing Near Buddy Holly's Tomb.
  • 65.
    Dreamy Walls .....For Nothing!! (New)
  • 66.
    I've Got A Good Face For Radio
  • 67.
    A Soulmate lost-.Movie_0004.wmv
  • 68.
    Run Away With Me.
  • 69.
    We Are But Kindling.
  • 70.
    Come Down Girl_0001
  • 71.
    For Just A Little While._0001
  • 72.
  • 73.
    Rebel Son !.wmv
  • 74.
    adressing the state of my musical union !
  • 75.
    Our Greatest Escape. (New)
  • 76.
    My Bucket list.
  • 77.
    You're My Epiphany.
  • 78.
    I Finally Found Me A Really Tough Woman
  • 79.
    I believe In You, Baby
  • 80.
    Loving You Is Like Playing With A Rubik's Cube
  • 81.
    Your My Tropical Isle.

Art Whimsicallyyours's Discussions

Inspirational quotes by me for all musicians.

Started Aug 22, 2018 0 Replies

"Every Songwriter has a canvas on which they can fingerpaint melodic images, lightly…Continue

SuperBitch- Intro and lyrics with credits.

Started Aug 22, 2018 0 Replies

S U P E R B I T CH ! !Stand by to be amazed. This is the bio of a Super Bitch A great song slinger, stellar singer and a dead ringer of any fantasy all the males out there ever knew. The kind they…Continue

New Lyrics-The Moon Is An Old Freind.

Started Jul 23, 2017 0 Replies

Verse 1- The moon is an old friend for the lonesome to talk to it moves human tides  full…Continue

Just A Useless Piece Of Paper.

Started Jan 26, 2017 0 Replies

Like a Kindergarten diplomait doesn't mean a thing,cause you've still got 12 more years to…Continue

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Welcome, Art Whimsically Yours Studio (roughs and diamonds).

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"So what am I now....Chopped Liver......LOL"
Nov 20, 2019
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" Colonel D. Denton-(c)-2019 Matthew F. Blowers III-(c)-2019"
Nov 12, 2019
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" Muhammed Aqib Jamil-©-2019 Matthew Frederick Blowers III-©-2019"
Nov 12, 2019
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"I'M A SONG PUPPET ! Bu Muhammed Aqib Jamil and me."
Nov 12, 2019
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Nov 12, 2019
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" By Matthew F. Blowers III & Colonel D. Denton…"
Nov 12, 2019
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Nov 12, 2019
Art Whimsicallyyours posted a status
" By Muhammed Aqib Jamil and myself...Enjoy!"
Nov 12, 2019
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" A new single by Muhammed Aqib Jamil and me...Enjoy!"
Nov 12, 2019
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Nov 12, 2019
Art Whimsicallyyours posted a status
" A fabulous song by myself and Colonel D. Denton...Enjoy!"
Nov 12, 2019
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"Thanks so much for listening to all of you at Poze productions. "
Nov 12, 2019
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Nov 12, 2019
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"There will be no friends for one left you can shareif you use and abuse them and you’re never therewhen they need you to carelike a good friend should and a life without Homiesis no damn good. That kind of loneliness will eat…"
Nov 12, 2019
Art Whimsicallyyours posted a status
Nov 12, 2019

Profile Information

About Me
About Me :
White House Artist, Actor, Sculptor, Teacher, Singer, Songwriter, pPoet, over 390 songs and 4,000 poems so far.
I manage two Dodge ball leaugues, play volleyball, roller skate like a madman, and chase fame and have actually snagged its coat tails a few times.
I do voiceovers for T.V. and radio commercials, and theatre as well.

There are far greater depths
where one's soul often sinks,
when the brain cells all starve
and can no longer think,
where a writer too often
is left on the brink,
to abandon the task
and be gone in a blink.
Coining phrases and yet
never gaining coined praise,
penning unpublished works
till the end of thier days,
where their reach exceeds any
success they will grasp,
yet they'll still sing unheard
songs with their dying gasp.
The music that calls them
to capture its beauty,
is often illusion bidding
them to their duty
to pen masterpieces
in which they truly believe,
which the masses of listeners
simply fail to percieve.
To work and re-work a song
till it's beaten
always looking for some hook
or note that will sweeten,
the hit that becomes just
a smack in the face,
till their muse comes around
with new songs to embrace.
I know, I have walked down
despairs darkest alleys,
my dreams dwell in boxes
where failures are tallied
homeless wraithes near the back
doors of studio rejections,
scarred in red ink that
tattoos their great imperfections.
The first one hundred songs
that you write, truth be told
are just practice, mostly efforts
that will never be sold,
oh, so many good songwriters
fail to control,
all their screams,
meant as whispers that
pour from their soul.

But my muse is a demon,
a cruel workaholic,
and I'll not be a free man
till I craft what's bucolic,
in the ears of producers
seeking something that rocks
as I fail each exam in
their schools of hard knocks.
So it's back to the sound boards
and my faithful guitar,
like a miner seeking gold
with only dust in his jar,
till the right combination
brings sensations in song,
where each note is important
and nothing's played worng
then I'll reach that bright
stage where I truly belong.

ArtWhimsically Yours studio
MFB III Productions-(c)-2012
How did you hear about us?
Doug E. Fresh heard my craft
Profile Type
Artist w/commissions then actor, teacher, musician, songwriter and poet. newspaper columnist Jack of all artistic trades.
What is your primary genre/style of music?
Folk, mellow rock, blues, some jazz, electronic production with collaborators. gospel, rhythm and blues


Conversations With Myself. 

Talk to me faihful guitar, 
let your sound hole scream 
let me hear you wail... 
because I'm empty of song 
and it's been so long.... 
since I've made a sale.... 

Talk to me guitar, 
bleed some brilliance 
through my fingertips, 
lead me to some 
unknown chords.... 
cause my muse 
is long past bored.. 
he's found another agent 
soon he'll turn 
the page on me..... 
and set me free 
to be Nobody!! 


I've got a show to do 
tomorrow night 
and though my fans 
all love my oldies, 
they do expect 
that I'll have plans 
for something 
new to share 
while guitar yawns 
stringing me along, 
across it's well worn bridge 
which has yet to take me 
A N Y W H E R E ! 

Make a call for me 
dearest microphone 
to the Gods who 
play the odds 
on what I vocalize, 
let them grant me 
just one song 
that will be.... 
winning a Grammy 
bringing hope 
into my eyes. 
but so far Mike 
only echoes 
my sad sighs.... 


I've got a show to do 
tomorrow night 
and though my fans 
all love my oldies, 
they do expect 
that I'll have plans 
for something 
new to share 
but my microphone 
just squeals, 
while my amp 
mimics what it feels, 
they both ignore my 
needs revealed, 
and take me nowhere. 

But tomorrow is 
a brand new day 
perhaps a brand new song 
will come my way, 
let my dreams in 
bring that brilliant 
song eluding me, 
and chase the 
nightmare of today 
to some long forgoten stage... 
please chase the 
nightmare of today...... 
to ....some....long..... 

Art~Whimsically Yours Studio 
Matthew F. Blowers III -©-2014

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At 9:37pm on December 30, 2016, DJ BLACKZONE said…
Listen to EPIC by BLACKZONE #np on #SoundCloud
At 7:51am on March 12, 2016, William J Urmson said…

Ya Matt I think we all go through that dark place in our lives and unfortunately for some they never come out of it. I read your poetry/lyrics and really enjoy your writing. It's something that I think we can all relate to. Well done my friend~

At 10:33am on March 11, 2016, William J Urmson said…

Thanx Art for accepting me on your friends list. I'm honored!~

At 1:00pm on February 1, 2016, Torshanda said…
Thank u so much for loving my song Turned Up! Appreciate it. :)
At 8:01pm on January 25, 2016, MayfieldMary said…
Thank you sooo much for your ear!♡
At 1:37pm on January 4, 2016, Leigh Campbell aka Leizey said…
Thank you for your positive comment and the quality words you left on my profile. Like your music as well :-) Take care
At 5:17am on November 30, 2015, Marco Russo said…

Thanks a lot for your comment, very appreciate . Have a great day.


At 11:46pm on November 21, 2015, JLeeMusic said…

Thanks, glad you enjoyed it and was motivated. It was good to hear from ya. Stay focused!

At 4:43am on November 12, 2015, Karim kouta said…

Thank you i appreciate it . It would be an honor !!!

At 5:26pm on November 8, 2015, Putty said…

Thank You

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New lyrics-A solution to world peace ???

Posted on October 15, 2015 at 10:47pm 0 Comments


The Evolution Of Truth.-(feel free to add your thoughts-)

Posted on September 21, 2015 at 6:11pm 0 Comments

The Evolution Of Truth. 

Today I ponder Autumn leaves 

just past their tumble from the trees 

not crumbled yet beneath my feet 

as Summer sheds their bright debris. 

I pick one up, 

its scarlet splayed 

From God's great pallette 

on Earth's stage 

a humble sage, I sing it's praise 

though its beauty…


Insufficient Sacrafice.

Posted on September 15, 2015 at 11:20am 0 Comments

Insufficient Sacrifice. 

©-2015-=Art-whimsically Yours Studio 

Matthew F.Blowers III 

How long can one hold onto a dream, 

starved by useless plans 

clutched tight in the cusp 

of thier weary hands. 

Cradled for…


That Elusive Chord.

Posted on February 7, 2015 at 11:30am 0 Comments

That Elusive Chord.


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Award Winning Rap Artist, Nune Aka Mr. Propane Leads Fight to stopping Violence in Hip-hop with new release "Over The Influence Vol 1"

After landing his first few TV Sync Licensing Deals, Nune Aka Mr. Propane is set to be a real contender in the music Industry. His songs "Champion" and "Mr. Propane" caught the ears of multiple Publishing agencies landing him spots to get his songs aired in film and sports television. If you are wondering if this artist has the talent then those deals are all the proof…See More
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GALLEON will be performing at the annual ElZig Christmas Spectacular on Saturday evening December 23rd at the OnStage Theater in Decatur, GA.  This year's event will benefit the Food Bank and animal-care services.  The show begins promptly at 7:00 p.m. EST, which is when GALLEON will perform (we're the opening act as always).  So come early and stay late ... a splendid time is guaranteed for all!See More
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