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Poze Productions/Poze Records Inc. is an artist development company and pozeproductions.com is more than just a social network--it's a Social Experience! Here artists can connect with other artists as well as industry professionals and fans from all around the world, which is our main focus. They can showcase their songs while working on their albums as well as their image. Being a member of pozeproductions.com allows you to get feedback from other members about your songs, pictures, and videos; ask questions about production, sound quality, and musicianship; and even have a great chance at a demo review. We also give Pozeproductions.com members a chance, every month, to showcase their talent on our home page, through Poze TV and Poze Radio, to try to help artists get more exposure. Is this a way for our members to submit to labels?--YES! Overall, this is a great chance to get heard!

Poze Productions/Poze Records Inc. have been a music company for over 20 years. We started selling instrumental to artists who needed music to present to record labels. At the same time, we were helping artists shop their music all while making a name for ourselves amongst labels. After developing numerous of artists, we developed a name with our label affiliates. We are able to submit your music to labels that normally does not accept unsolicited material from artists. We are all musicians and artists who know the struggles of getting heard or signed. So we try to keep our prices low while giving you the opportunity that you will get no where else--true help in the music industry.



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