Why You Should Never Use Fiverr as a Buyer or Seller

My name is Anthony, my Fiverr username is Bosshogg777. I have been a top rated seller on Fiverr for over 3 years with close to $100,000 in sales. I have worked with thousands of clients, many of which are highly satisfied repeat customers. Of the course of 3 years we built relationships with all of our clients and became the top rated seller on Fiverr in the category of music promotion. Fiverr transformed my life and I was able to pay off student loans, credit card debt, and travel the world. I was eternally grateful for such a wonderful platform - until I realized how Fiverr really works.

A few days ago, out of the clear blue with no warnings, my top rated seller account that I've built for over 3 years was suspended, for no clear reason. They alleged I violated there TOS by mis-delivering ONE ORDER. This was no fault of my own as the buyer didn't fulfill the gig requirements in the time allotted for the delivery, which prevented me from completing the order. The only option was to deliver the order late, which is a TOS violation and would affect our ratings. Or mark the order as complete by sending a message to buyer asking for the gig requirements so we could complete the order, which seems like the most logical thing to do. So I did this and then there AUTOMATED system triggered a TOS violation and my account was automatically closed. 

Does this really warrant closing my account permanently? Do they not realize we are the #1 rated seller in the category of music promotion and have worked with THOUSANDS of clients, all of which are highly satisfied and have left 5 star ratings. We've generated nearly $100,000 in sales, 40% of which Fiverr has kept as profit from seller/buyer fees. Do they really with to throw away such a lucrative business relationship? Perhaps they could demote me a level or give me a 24 hour ban (Even though I did nothing wrong) but to close my account is the craziest thing I've ever heard of!

I reached out to support via email (because they have NO WORKING PHONE NUMBER and are headquartered overseas) and received a very vague response saying there is nothing they can do and my account will be closed. They also said I cannot access the funds I've earned for 90 days (this in itself should be illegal if it isn't). I went as far as reaching out to @fiverr on social media as well as the CEO's Micha Kaufman @michakaufman and @Shai Wininger to no avail. How can a company operate like this? Now I understand why they are rated F with the Better Business Bureau and have thousands of complaints online.

After sending MANY messages on all social networks and making a call to a FORMER supervisor for Fiverr I was blessed enough to find online (because as I previously stated, Fiverr has NO PUBLIC PHONE NUMBER), I got an email from a supervisor asking for my number. The supervisor called me and said they closed my account due to receiving 25 chargebacks over the course of three years. I couldn't believe this. We have over 6,000 orders and they are more concerned with 25 chargebacks. Mind you, these chargebacks are all from buyers who left good reviews and thanked us for our services. So in addition to taking losses on chargebacks because Fiverr has no system to protect buyers, they go as far as blaming the chargebacks (deliberate fraud from the buyers) directly on the sellers saying it was because they didn't like our services. They have absolutely nothing to support this claim because it is entirely false. If the buyer wasn't satisfied or wanted a refund, they would simply contact the seller or Fiverr support. How can you claim the seller is responsible for chargebacks when the seller is top rated with over 6k+ orders and no previous complaints. This is insane! So they closed our account because 25 people chose to defraud them. Instead of realizing it is due to their vulnerability and looking for ways to improve there security, they blame the buyer, close there account and everything is gone. Mind you, anyone can simply make a new buyer's account to make purchases again so they really have nothing to lose by doing chargebacks since Fiverr doesn't require any form of IDENTITY VERIFICATION when making an account. I mentioned this to them and they didn't reply because they know it's the truth and they are 100000% wrong for this.

I am depending on this income to survive. My whole business is founded on Fiverr, I am an expat living in a foreign country working remotely and can end up homeless now. My whole business is gone and the money I've earned I can't access. I have no choice but to share my experience with everyone so they are aware of how Fiverr operates. If this happened to me, it can happen to you. I urge everyone not to use Fiverr. They are a horrible company and will cheat you in every way they can! They have the audacity to charge buyer's and sellers a 20% fee, why pay a company that doesn't even have A WORKING PHONE NUMBER 20% of your order???

Now I am talking with a lawyer and in the process of pursuing this legally. The joke is on them though because I'm a digital marketing expert and this will be posted on hundreds of blogs and forums so people know how fiverr really operates. I encourage everyone to email support@fiverr.com and let them know how you feel about this and there company. You can also reach out to them on social media @fiverr @michakaufman and @Shai Wininger, while they likely won't reply because they haven't invested enough money into having proper customer support, at least they will be aware of what people really think about them.

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(Posted February 10, 2012)



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