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Fortnite stole a lot dances from the hip hop culture. The people who came up with dances are not getting paid for it. When I first saw these dances on this game it rubbed me the wrong way because I know this game makes a lot of money and they are not giving hip hop the credit it deserves. I'm seeing people are starting to sue them all that same time. It will be interesting to see if these people will get paid and how it will effect the game.

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King of R&B

I don't know who the king is but right now Jacquees is killing it right now. He came a long way since the first time I heard him and he staying consistent. He has a lot too prove and I think all the king talk will put a spotlight on him and now it's his time to back up hi words.

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black mainstream

Mainstream media that caters to black people push the fact that success is making it to the NBA, NFL and being a rapper and selling drugs. I feel somehow we need to change that. Its a small percentage of people who will make it to be in the NBA, NFL or a rapper or in the music industry. And no one should believe that selling drugs will help them to become successful. We need to change this for the kids. Mainstream should push the fact that school is important and getting a trade. If 10…


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Lil Baby - Street Gossip

I'm listening to lil baby's album  street gossip. Lil baby is a young dude that older people in their late 20's early 30's can listen to. The context in is his songs are mature compared to other rappers in this generation. Nevertheless the album rides all the way through. I can't pinpoint what single will be the biggest but take a listen and pick your favorite song from lil baby's album street gossip.

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Blood brothers

The movie Blood brothers starring trey songz was a good movie. I could relate to this movie. Its a movie about a man who started off on the wrong path but changed. Even though he changed his past still came back to haunt him.

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The movie "Bodied" I think produced by eminiem was dope. It had a lot of familiar faces and had a good story line. I enjoyed the movie a whole lot and it showed what battle rap is like in this day and age.

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Meek Mill - Championship (album)

I haven't finished listening to the Meek Mill album that just dropped but from the first few songs it sounds dope. It has that mixtape feel and its a heavy hitter album because its dropping fourth quarter. I been supporting Meek mill since I first heard of em. 

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Man confessed to 90 murders

A 78 year old man named Samuel little confessed to 90 murders to potentially allow him to move prisons. All 90 wasn't confirmed by authorities but there is enough confirmed that made him the most prolific serial killer in history. This black man gave a statement with great details of the crime but he couldn't remember all dates in which this happened.

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Meek mill

Meek mill showed the masses of people that if you feel someone is wrongly convicted if you get enough people together you can use that power and go to the jails and demand you let them out.

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Tekashi 69 - Dummy boy

This 69 album rides. This dude sound like a preacher the way he screams on the mic. I like it. Judge won't let him say treyway

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