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Black Lion Entertainment Music Group Poised for Greatness

Black Lion Entertainment Music Group Artists Makes Noise!!! - 3rd Quarter Report

When Wayne Jones, Chairman and Founder of Wayne Management Company, launched his music division, it was not in the "Tarrot card Readings" that the division would even last.  Well, not only has it lasted and made it to it's first year, it has evolved; a lot of things have been happening with the, now recognized, independent record label and entertainment boutique, headquartered in the East New York/Brownsville Section of Brooklyn.


Wayne returned back to the head of BLEMG in October 2014, after battling a very scary and dangerous health condition.  Returning home, limited because of the paralysis and radiation treatments he had to endure due to Prostate Cancer, he chose to move forward.  "He seemed to never lose his drive.  He didn't even rest 30 hours before he got back to work.", said his brother, Richard Gary, Owner of Rich Radio BKNY.  

Actually, he was working behind the scenes while he was still in the rehabilitation facility in the Bronx.  He finalized the addition of Mr. Swagg 360 to the artist roster, before he even left the rehabilitation facility.  In the time since he came home, he finalized submissions for the next BLEMG mixtape.  In December 2014, on Christmas Eve, he released WE ARE COMING DA MIXTAPE.  Although it started off slow due to low promotion and marketing, it turns out that was the introduction needed to announce to the music industry that the BLEMG has arrived and that they were not leaving or being pushed out by anyone.

Once the mixtape was released, he then went on to making a number of changes.  First, he changed the logo.  After looking at several designs and submissions, he awarded the new design to Paul Bentley of Halifax, West Yorkshire, United Kingdom.  The new design almost immediately started to attract listeners, supporters and artists alike.  Then he decided to lift weight off of his shoulders.

First and foremost, for her relentless drive to keep both companies together while Wayne was getting his strength back, he awarded Synthia "Blak Cheri" Robinson by giving her the positions of authority.  In September of 2014, he gave her the position of Vice President of Operations for Wayne Management Company and Vice President of New Talent for BLEMG.  Effective January 2015, she is now President of Black Lion Entertainment Music Group as well as Chief Operating Officer of Wayne Management Company.  "What else was I to do?" said the Chairman, "If it wasn't for her, I would've had nothing to come back to.  She kept both companies together and kept them flourishing with her marketing and promotion strategies.  Besides,......It's time that I start sharing some of the duties I do every day, all day.  That's why she is now also Head of the A&R Department for BLEMG."  

Ms. Robinson was by Wayne's side from the very beginning being dubbed The First Lady of Wayne Management Company.  If you let Wayne tell it, she is the reason for Wayne Management Company.  "I didn't have confidence in myself to run my own company, although I had the skills, know how and resources.  It was Synthia that encouraged and motivated me to take the shot and do what I need to do.  Best advice that I ever have taken and actually listened to."

He wasn't done,......after careful considerations and wondering if he wanted to make that type of move, he turned and created a new position.  The new Creative Director was awarded to Ms. Cassandra Jones, CEO/Founder of Simply Ladies with Class Creations, a special event planning and catering company based in Queens.  

In 2015, Wayne gave her another assignment.  To expand the company's ability to attract only the best talent, he added her to the forever growing A&R Department.  She handles all new talent submissions for the entire borough of Queens.

He also promoted longtime artists, Gilbert "Farrogoummo Madeoff" Barnett, Jr, III and Pearl "Blak Pearl" Middleton-Stephens to A&R's.  He recently came to terms with Ms. Alicia Buie, who is in charge of A&R's for the entire NYC area.  "Well, I figured I'd give everyone an opportunity to be an executive.  The purpose in the beginning was to guide artists to understand both sides of the music business and this way, the company is fulfilling its objective.  This way I can concentrate more on my recovery and rehabiliation.", said the CEO.


Now that the corporate restructuring was done for the moment, he went against his own word.  "When I started this, I did it by myself.  I didn't have any help, was scared to make alliances with anyone because I always believed that they was out to take away from me.  I eventually learned that if that was the case, it would've happened a long time ago."  He came in contact with Raymond Barton, who is the owner of 2 Loco Radio.  Mr. Barton came into contact by way of his DJ, Twizm Whyte Piece.  Twizm took a very good interest in the artists of BLEMG and was very interested in learning more about them.  He gave Wayne his 2nd Interview (the first being done by Rich Radio BKNY) of 2015 live on the air and it was then, that Wayne took the opportunity and opened up about not only Black Lion Entertainment Music Group, but also of himself.  A lot of people viewed the interview as one of the most inspiring and motivating interviews done this year and it is still being played over and over again by way of Spreaker.com.  If you've never heard the interview, you may listen to the entire interview by clicking below.

Twizm Whyte Piece expanded and moved over to Fat Cat Radio, which was owned by the late Lou Russo.  After a few weeks, the opportunity presented itself for Wayne to become a sponsor of Fat Cat Radio.

Not allowing the opportunity to slip away, Wayne agreed to terms for a sponsorship package with Fat Cat Radio.  Shortly after becoming an official sponsor, Lou Russo passed away.  Wayne helped Twizm Whyte Piece to continue the station going.  Now, one of the most listened to shows Monday through Friday from 8:30pm to 10pm.

Still not willing to relinquish his relationship with 2 Loco Radio, Raymond Barton introduced Wayne to DJ D West, who hosts a midday show.  The Midday Underground Mix show from 1pm to 3pm EST Monday through Friday became the launching pad for the artists of BLEMG.

The two new alliances positioned the artists of BLEMG and the company as a whole on the map and through these two stations, the fanbase for Farrogoummo, Blak Cheri, Blak Pearl, Nyce 1, Blaze Billionz, Mr. Swagg 360 and, his first international artist, Meetsource.  Through both of these stations Meetsource was introduced to the United States and has been requested as much as the hip hop artists.  


All the changes and additions to the staff of both Wayne Management Company and Black Lion Entertainment Music Group, as well as the alliances he made with 2 Loco Radio and Fat Cat Radio, along with his already longtime relationships with Rich Radio BKNY and Poze Records/Poze Productions, has finally started to show returns for all the work.  Longtime BLEMG artist Blaze Billionz is scheduled to tour Ontario and Toronto Canada performing with DJ Twizm Whyte Piece of Fat Cat Radio.


Rarebreed;s smash hit WE ON IT was nominated in June 2015 for an X-Poz-Ing Music Award, which is the annual award ceremony by Poze Records/Poze Productions to recognize the accomplishments of unsigned artists.  Also Black Lion Entertainment Music Group's mixtape WE ARE COMING DA MIXTAPE also was nominated for Best Album.  Both won awards in their respective categories.  Rarebreed recently won the Akademia Music Award for August 2015 also for their song WE ON IT.  They are hoping to win more awards from off the mixtape as it has now been nominated for Album/Mixtape of the Year for the Southern Coalition Movement Music Awards for 2016.  

Also nominated are Farrogoummo for Best New Artist; Rarebreed for Rap Duo/Group of the Year, Wayne Jones for Promoter of the Year and Small Business Owner of the Year, WE ON IT for Song of the Year, Black Lion Entertainment Music Group for Record Label of the Year, Blak Pearl for Best Indie Rap Artist, Blak Cheri for Best R&B Female artist and Best Slept On Female Artist of the Year, and Nyce 1 for Best Underground/Indie Rap Artist.

In May 2015, Wayne started a Gospel Division for Black Lion Entertainment Music Group and came to terms with their first Gospel spoken Word artist Poet Just Robert.

I believe it is safe to say that Black Lion Entertainment Music Group and its roster of Hip Hop, R&B, Gospel and Reggae artists are here to stay in the music industry and they have no problem letting the world know that they have arrived.  

Wayne Management Company Artists Showing Strong on Number One Music

Wow,....Wayne Management Company Chairman and CEO, Wayne Jones, has been home and back to work exactly 35 days, but you wouldn't be able to tell it by the way their artists have been performing.
While Wayne Jones was away dealing with a life threatening medical issue, Blak Cheri (Synthia Robinson) held both Wayne Management Company and Black Lion Entertainment Music Group down.  She made sure that artists stayed busy, kept Wayne up to date on company issues while making sure he didn't up and leave the hospital.  In September 2014, Wayne Jones awarded her by promoting her to Vice President of Operations for Wayne Management Company and Vice President of New Talent for Black Lion Entertainment Music Group.  But not once did it slow her down with her own musical ambitions.
She is now being heard globally with her House song Hit, MY LOVE IS RAW hitting the #1 spot in New York State, Across the United States and Worldwide.  To view her profile and to subscribe to her updates you may click HERE.
One of the hardest working artists on the Wayne Management Company roster, Blaze Billionz, has been on a trail.  He has been to ATL (Atlanta,GA) to record and work on new material.  Networked with R. Kelly and made new connections to increase his resources.
Currently, Blaze Billionz holds the #1 spot in New York State for Hip Hop Music.  To view his profile, you can click HERE.
Although there was a delay in the release of his unprecedented 4th Mixtape, GOD'S GIFT FROM HELL 2, Farrogoummo is another artist that has helped maintain Wayne Management Company and Black Lion Entertainment, and with the return of the CEO back at the helm, he has been getting performance offers and collaboration requests.
Currently, Farrogoummo Madeoff holds the #2 position for Hip Hop Music in New York State.  To view his profile, you can click HERE.
Also on the music charts holding the #4 position for Hip Hop Music in New York is Nyce 1 and one of the newest acquisitions to the company, Trinidadian Reggae Artist, Meet Source will be appearing on the music charts.
Wayne has been getting offers and phone calls inquiring about their artists from producers to other performers. There is "talk" that he is recruiting gospel artists for an upcoming project.  And he was supposed to be resting???  We don't know if he knows what that means.  We wish him nothing but more success than he has already obtained.

Wayne Management Company,......NO SLEEP FOR A BOSS

It's been a while,.....I know a lot of you have been asking where we've been,....wondering,..."What's going on with Wayne Management Company???"  "They started out strong,....but haven't heard anything." "When is the We Are Here Album going to be released???  Well,....here's an answer to those questions and any other questions that may be lurking,....Let's get started.


In May 2014 Wayne Management Company CEO was hospitalized in Brooklyn Hospital where he was diagnosed as having Prostate Cancer.  Brooklyn Hospital performed 2 Lower Lumbar Spinal taps on Mr. Jones, which temporarily have cost him the use of his legs.  This is what Wayne had to say about the experience as he got real personal:

"I was lost and in total despair. After while, I stopped listening to my fiance. As hard as she tried to get me to listen to her and take care of myself, I dismissed her warnings or just paid her no mind. Not recognizing that God was using her to call out to me. In April 2014, Satan made his move against my physical body. I was losing weight rapidly and was very weak. Still pride would not allow me to get myself checked out. "I'm good. It can wait.", I said. Boy how naive I was During a night of drinking with my brother, I became very weak and before I knew it, I passed out and knocked myself out by hitting my temple in the corner of my stove. I spent 2 days in Kings County Medical Center and signed out A.M.A (against medical advice). Waited a week and went to see my regular doctor at Brooklyn Hospital, who immediately admitted me in the hospital. I had a lot of medical issues going on simultaneously. I was diagnosed with Cornucopia Meningitis and later with prostate cancer. I was crushed and hurt. Still I would not turn to God and Satan continued his assault. Brooklyn Hospital performed 2 lower lumbar spinal taps on me a week apart. The second one paralyzed me from the waist down and on May 1, I was transferred to Bronx Lebanon Special Care Center. I arrived weighing an unbelievable 96lbs; couldn't walk, barely able to talk. I then sunk into a deep depression and didn't want to do anything. They gave me 24 hour visitation rights because they thought I was sent there to die. I was dropped off at death's door and left there. This is where God stepped in.  He first reached down and pulled me from that door. He began to speak to and heal my spirit. Satan was relentless and put a plague on my body that whatever I ate turned to diarrhea. While I was in the hospital, an individual was visiting various patients. He came to me and asked me if there was anything he could do for me. It was then I got humble and submitted. He led me in the prayer of salvation and prayed for my healing. Goodbye diarrhea. He gave me a Gideon Bible. I was returned to the nursing home/rehabilitation facility and I began to deposit God's word into my spirit. God also began using people to encourage and motivate me. He used my fiance (yes,...she still was there by my side to my surprise) as a power of example and a source of inspiration. He then revealed enemies that were disguised as friends and removed them from my life. The facility had concluded that I was to be a long term resident for 9 months to a year. It was then, with the help and leading from God, I got to work. Faith without effort is not faith."
"Today, I'm happy and thrilled and honored to report that I've gained 59lbs since May. I've been walking using parallel bars and a walker for a total of 2 and one-half months. Not to mention, because of what the doctors called a sincere determination, I am no longer in the facility, but back at home with my family. God restored my spirit, my life and my voice. I claim victory over Satan and his demonic forces.  Now its time to pick up where I left off and build the brands of Wayne Management Company and Black Lion Entertainment Music Group."   You got to love his determination, courage and drive.  We wish Mr. Jones a speedy recovery from temporary paralysis and much success in his endeavors.


Wayne Management Company CEO, Wayne A Jones, was tapped as The New York Talent Coordinator for Urban Kings Music Showcase in NYC for the year 2014.  "After having him book acts in January and September 2013, we felt that having Wayne host red carpet events on the East Coast in 2013 was the right move", said Joe Denson, Event Coordinator for Live Music Showcase and King Ryan Events) and Urban Kings Showcase.  "His professionalism and dedication to the unsigned, independent artist is the new standard and he has positioned himself to collaborate with Creative Edge Entertainment and Urban Kings Showcase to provide opportunities with unsigned, independent artists.

Urban Kings Showcase gives music performers in the genres of Hip Hop, R&B and Reggae/Dancehall an outlet to get more exposure, gain more fans, and get noticed by the people that matter the most in the music industry!Each of these showcase events are RED CARPET events with media, photographers,and videographers all guaranteed to be in attendance. Typically these showcase events are for all ages, but certain restrictions may apply.


The We Are Here Debut CD from the newest division of Wayne Management Company,....BLACK LION ENTERTAINMENT MUSIC GROUP (B.L.E.M.G.) has been delayed due to copyright and legalities, not to mention Wayne Jones being hospitalized for six months battling Prostate Cancer.  "Not to mention some changes to the contributors,....WE ARE HERE is looking at a release date of 2nd Quarter 2015.  All your popular artists have still committed to contribute and participate on this history making project with some new additions..  

Artists already confirmed to participate include Farrogoummo,....Blaze Billionz,....Nyce 1, DTrain and Blak Cheri,....it is poised to become an unprecedented album release of strictly independent, unsigned artists collaboration.  


Wayne Management Company artists have all released their own projects over the past few months.  Here is just a sampling of new hot music:


  The Much Anticipated follow up mixtape for Nyce 1.  Such streamlined hits such as SHAWTY GOT DAT BUBBLEBUM, KEEP CAKE and MONEY MAKES IT WET,....this mixtape is performing well on DatPiff.  Please make sure you make this mixtape a part of your collection.


This is the 3rd Mixtape from this Far Rockaway (O.V) area artist.  

Look for his newest release GOD'S GIFT FROM HELL 2 scheduled for Halloween 2014

This is just a sampling of what's been going on.  It has been a rough start for this small independent label.  But they are still standing and they are still growing and they are bound and poised for greatness in the music industry.


Wayne Management Company (Poze Magazine)



Profile Information

About Me
I am the Chairman and CEO of Wayne Management Company. A multi-service company located in Brooklyn, NY. I am also the newly appointed CEO of Black Lion Entertainment Music Group. Our mission in the music industry is committed to helping the unsigned artist get maximum exposure. Currently handle promotions and management services for Blak Cheri, Blak Pearl, Nyce1, Farrogoummo, Million Dollar Ram, Blaze Billionz, Meetsource and Yung GT.

Wayne Jones was born in Brooklyn in Kings County Hospital on August 4, 1965 to Robert Wayne Jones and Pauline Jones. Growing up in a low income family and neighborhood, nothing was easy for Wayne. From almost day one, Wayne Jones worked hard for all he obtained.

It was in high school that Wayne found out his gift,.....Music. Wayne has a beautiful voice and that was his niche in High School. Wayne was also very athletic. He dabbled for the basketball team and wrestling team, but, again, found his niche with the track team, where he excelled.

When Wayne was 17 years old, he was introduced to the United States Army. Wayne's grades were not good enough to garner him a scholarship and not qualifying for the state championships in track and field, hurt his chances of obtaining a athletic scholarship. So Wayne decided to join the Army to obtain the monies needed to go to college. In June 1983, Wayne entered the United States Army. He would stay with them for 6 years and in 1989, he was granted an Honorable Discharge. However, in 1991, he was recalled during the Operation Desert Sheild (later to be called Operation Desert Storm). Wayne left the military finally and for good in August 1992.

In 1992, Wayne began his business career. From 1992 to 2010 Wayne worked for top-tier, C-Level Senior Executives. He worked for various companies in various industries. Some of those companies were Zicherman Bloome Engineering Consultants, Consolidated Edison Company of New York (Con Ed), Korn/Ferry International (an Executive Search firm), The New York City School Construction Authority, The Law Offices of C. Vernon Mason, Charles Rapp Enterprises and The Daily Blossom. Wayne credits his business knowledge from working with former attorney C. Vernon Mason, Howard Rapp and Arnold Graham (President and Vice President of Charles Rapp Enterprises) and Saundra Parks, Owner/Founder/CEO and Creative Director of The Daily Blossom and Daily Blossom Events.

Wayne is also Owner, Founder, Chairman and CEO of Wayne Management Company. Wayne Management Company is a multi-service company where their only job is to promote and market, not to mention, provide additional professional consultation and resources for small to medium sized businesses. Currently, Wayne is personal manager to Blak Cheri, Farrogoummo, Blaze Billions, Niceemcee (Leaders of the New World), Nyce 1, Meetsource, Blak Pearl and Julia. He is also consultant to Million Dolla Ram and Rarebreed. His most recent additions include MR. SWAGG 360, Leaders of the New World and Julia.

In December 2013, Wayne launched Black Lion Entertainment Music Group to give his artists a platform to market and advertise their brand as well as their music. In May 2014 Wayne was diagnosed with prostate cancer and spent the first half of 2014 in the hospital. Close friends and family thought that this was the end of Wayne Management Company and Black Lion Entertainment Music Group. But Wayne has different feelings. Although he is temporarily paralyzed and going through a lot of treatments and therapies, it has not slowed him down, but actually, made him work harder. Black Lion Entertainment Music Group released its second mixtape "WE ARE COMING DA MIXTAPE" on December 24, 2014. The mixtape has already garnered Best Album/Mixtape for June 2015 from X-Poz-Ing Music Awards as well as Best Hip Hop Song for June 2015 for WE ON IT by Rarebreed. Rarebreed has also won an Akademia Music Award for the same song. B.L.E.M.G. is also nominated in 10 categories for the SCM Awards 2016. It's safe to say that the small company that started 7 years ago has grown into a musical empire and shows no signs of slowing down.
How did you hear about us?
What is your profession (singer, rapper, songwriter, poet, dancer, model, music fan, etc.)?
Music promotion, event planning, referral specialist, merchant cash specialist
How many members are in your band?
Wayne Management Company'a current artist roster includes Rarebreed, Male Rap Group; Leaders of the New World, Mother and Son rap group; Blak Cheri, R&B singer; Julia, R&B Singer; SweetTee Ali, R&B singer; Blak Pearl, Female Rapper; Nyce 1, Male Rapper; Farroguommo, Male Rapper; Yung GT, Male Reggae, Blaze Billionz, Male Rapper; Nyce 1, Male Rapper; and, Meetsource, Male Reggae artist. Wayne Management Company is also in developmental stages with two other acts.
What is your style of music?
R&B, Hip Hop, Reggae, Gospel
Who are your influences in the music industry?
Quincy Jones, P. Diddy, Dr. Dre

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Wayne Management Company and Black Lion Entertainment Music Group Dominate #SCMAWARDS Nominations for the 2nd Year in a Row

Posted on February 23, 2017 at 8:32am 0 Comments

For the second year in a row, Wayne Management Company, Black Lion Entertainment Music Group, Synthia Robinson and Farrogoummo Thadoctor Madeoff have made the voting ballot for the #SCMAWARDS. The 8 nominations are as follows:

Slept on Female Artist of the Year: Blak Cheri (2nd year…


Wayne Management Company and Black Lion Entertainment Music Group Dominate #SCMAWARDS Nominations for the 2nd Year in a Row

Posted on February 23, 2017 at 8:32am 0 Comments

For the second year in a row, Wayne Management Company, Black Lion Entertainment Music Group, Synthia Robinson and Farrogoummo Thadoctor Madeoff have made the voting ballot for the #SCMAWARDS. The 8 nominations are as follows:

Slept on Female Artist of the Year: Blak Cheri (2nd year…


Wayne Management Company allows BLEMG to Roar!!!

Posted on June 4, 2016 at 10:47am 0 Comments

Wayne Management Company Chairman, Wayne Jones' music division, Black Lion Entertainment Music Group has developed its own identity.

Newly developed artist, Sweet Tee Ali, has been moved over to the artist roster of Black Lion Entertainment Music Group.…


Please Go Vote for Black Lion Entertainment Music Group

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The official …


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