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Take the fun beat of rockabilly and mix it with a little bit of country, a little bit of pop, and a whole lot of cool, and you get the band, "The Honorifics." They have a unique sound that is fresh, fun, and catchy as hell!

See their feature in the March edition of Indie Rock Magazine: 

Band Members: 
Jon Lindquist 
Accoustic Rhythm – Vocals 
Jon Lindquist is a hall-of-fame radio announcer/producer whose voice has been heard by millions; and he has been a vital part of the Las Vegas radio landscape for over 20 years. Jon originally hales from Montana and loves playing music.

Annette Hasalone 
Lead Guitar – Vocals 
Dr. Annette Hasalone is a well-known Naturopathic Doctor who has been listed in the Marqui’s Who’s Who since 2003. Having developed a full line of products for her company Elemental Research, Inc., Dr. Annette is both an innovator and inventor. In addition, she has been a prominent radio-broadcaster for almost 15 years. She is originally from Northern California and has been playing guitar and singing since she was very young.

Garret Capler 
Drums – Vocals 
Though the band calls him “Gary”, Garret has been active in music most of his life, in a variety of styles, in a variety of roles, and on a variety of instruments. Jon and Annette refer to Gary as the “icing on their musical cake.” His talent, keen sense of humor, boyish charm, and love of music are elements The Honorifics wouldn’t be the same without.

Thaddeus Corea 
Producer - Bass - Drums - Vocals 
If the name Corea sounds familiar, it should. Thaddeus is the son of jazz-legend Chick Corea. He is also owner of the coolest recording studio in Las Vegas: Jaguar Recording Studio. As producer of The Honorifics, Thaddeus wears many hats (and sometimes a beard!) His musical interests and tastes run the gamut, hence his interest in The Honorifics.




Promo images

"Evolution" is a 14 track album filled with songs that unleash my deepest feelings of love, joy, sorrow, and pain I felt from different parts of my life.

The album is titled "Evolution" because the meaning of that word is defined as change. My music is about the many storms I've weathered through over the years, and the many changes I've made in my life as a result. It talks about both the the good times, and the dark times.

I'm a Domestic Abuse survivor,, and as devastating and painful it was encouraged me to write "Turn To Blue." "My Survival" is about my healing, and my thankfulness for having survived such a trying time.

"It's A Forever Thing" was written from the wedding vows of my current husband.




Flash Finga Flame AKA Johnny Blaze was born in Atlanta Ga. on Sept. 12, 1981. Grew up learning how to play several different instrument in his High School band such as piano, guitar, and drums.  Johnny Blaze started making beats in 2005 shocking people around the world with his custom synth sounds and creativity Bringing a new sound & other forms of media intended for an elite audience, that is often characterized by its high levels of originality and experimentation... All Instrumentals Made 100% By Flash No Samples, Loops, or Licks, All Skill On The Board you wont find any of these sounds from any other source. Flash Specializies in Urban Inspirations & Cinematic Anthems, Get The Hottest Sound For The Streets HEAT!!!, Cutting Edge Beats For Your Next Hiphop Production, Album, Mixtape or Demo By Flash Get The Non Exclusive's Make A Hit Buy The Exclusive!! Untagged & Polished In HD at Purchase ... 

Not only is he a producer but he is also a recording engineer, graphix designer and music video editor and part time radio talk show host for spitsumflorida radio. He works with softwares such as Pro Tools LE, Adobe CS5 and Photo Shop.  Johnny has worked with several upcoming artist including former member of 3.6 Mafia Crunchy Black, A- Bino Lucas,

Red Riding Hood C- savage, Foolish P, Lil Brizzy A Bino Lucas aka

Mr. get it good Sho Shott, Meika Markee. The equipment he uses to make his beats are Roland Fantom G8, Roland V synth GT Yamaha Motif XS6, Korg M50, Roland Gaia SH0-1, Akai Miniak, Ultranova, Les Paul Electric Guitar, Palmer Acoustic live drums and a massive list of VST'S. Keep watching this awesome producer as he fights his way to working with Def Jam Records. 

MY GENRES ARE/ Club Beats, Dance Beats, Dirty South Beats, Drum & Bass, East Coast Beats, Funk Beats, Fusion Beats, Hardcore Beats, House Beats, Neo Soul Beats R&B Beats, Sample Beats, Techno Beats, Underground Beats, West Coast Beats, Breakbeatz Trap beats, Pop Beats & more 

Rappers aren't you sick of trying to own beats for your mixtapes & albums but getting ridiculous prices to own em exclusively? I've got your problem solved cus http://rocbattle.com/flash%20finga%20flame , i sell exclusive and professional quality beats for prices that make other producers want to vomit.


Instantly purchase a beat, own it 100% and it is never resold or distributed ever again. 39.95 for 1 Exclusive, 3 for 75 and even 5 for 95! New beats are up so if you got a mixtape or album on the way, http://rocbattle.com/flash%20finga%20flame is the place to be.

** Now you can cop the most affordable exclusive beats directly from your phone ! http://rocbattle.com/flash%20finga%20flame




I am very Blessed to be a part of the musician world of POZE PRODUCTIONS. I look forward to networking with musicians as I am a SOLO recording artist working with SuiteLife Visual RebelsProductions yet am still an Unsigned Artist (By Choice awaiting right Deal)I am part of the Kevin Sharpe Group/Avery Sharpe Extended Family Choir and also perform in The Rick Eckstein Jazz Quintet and Record for some freelance artists/ Prestigious Functions upon requests. Previous experiences include but are not limited to.. My performances of many genre's: Hip Hop Jazz, Modern/Traditional Gospel, Jazz,,Neo-soul, Club/House/Funk/Symphony Orchestra. Some Acoustic Bass and Guitar Vocalese and Acapella/ Inspirational. I Songwrite and Have Opened Concerts for Mikki Howard and Najee, to name a few and done Top 40 Band circuits for a long time and Solo Projects as well. Began in infancy with Father and on to Youth Choir then later directed my own Youth Choir and have performed for Bobby Jones Gospel Benefit At Berkeley in Boston and House Of Blues In Boston, MA many times and other Venues including Soulfest/Indiefests/UMOJA Fest/ Jesus Is Lord Tour/ Jazz Hoops Festival, etc... God Bless You.......and feel free to join my page and leave a Comment, a Like and/or befriend me in Musician Love and Harmony. Peace <3 TC
Lead Vocalist: Unsigned Solo Artist with Suite Life Ent. StudioRebelsVisuals (Videos,etc..)/Rick Eckstein Jazz Quintet/The Kevin Sharpe Group.com/Avery Sharpe Extended Family Choir/ A Recording Artist. Favorite Quotes: Hebrews Ch:11 Faith is The Substance...
Joel 2:13 Return to The Lord your God....
(" Just have to check it out"!)
* ♫•*¨*•.¸¸Ƹ̵̡?




The Electric SunKings in Sturt St Ballarat

Hailing from the gold city of Ballarat, Victoria, Australia comes The Electric SunKings who bring something familiar but different to the table. Whilst steadfastly maintaining the rudiments of Blues/Rock, the Electric Sunkings are an expansive band who explore a cosmic and original soundscape, often shifting effortlessly from genre to genre multiple times during a singular song. To counter all the queries about which genre the music is in the band coined the term 'post classic rock' The Sunkings are a real band’s band, hardened by live performances and forever tighter musically because of it. The band is composed of post classic rock maniacs vocalists/guitarists Chris Barbetti and Kobie Brown, drummer/keyboardist James Hughes and bassist John Finch who occasionally adds bar chimes for spiritual effect. 




When SynchDubʼs latest CD, Twilight Last Glance, was released, it captured critics and the public alike with its unique mix of experimental, minimalist and ambient sound. With electronica becoming a more dominant force outside of the clubs and underground hip circles, the SynchDub is building a sub genre thatʼs been called rhythmic ambientalism, conjuring up transcendental sounds that make the body and spirit move. That innovation has earned SynchDub the envious distinction of the “Heart and Soul of Electro.” For years, she was a percussionist with a variety of artists in her native Belgium.
In late 2006, SynchDub released its first CD, the playfully titled Drone, which caught the progressive ears of DJs and Internet radio with its signature sound-style. Utilizing varied and rich electronic methods such as Leftfield, BreakBeats, and Computer Beeps, SynchDubʼs sound runs the gamut from exuberantly bright to emotionally deep and dark. While aimed more towards the dance floor, the record was what SynchDub calls “an introverted affair,” allowing the external sound to immerse the inner emotions. Noted for putting a human face on electro, SynchDub is also influenced by the Eastern culture of modern Japan, where electronic music is considered an extension of the body. That fusing of mind, soul and body is the hallmark of SynchDubʼs musical mission.





I am a Artist like what I do,I make music to pleases my fans.I am a nice person to know, I like to put a smile on The people that I love and, hope one day I will make it to the top, to give the world my talent.




This southern California girl has grabbed the music industry by storm! Her voice is sexy, soulful and with a bit of an alternative rock edge. She just signed a contract with gaming company Music Powered Games and recently was featured in BWD Magazine. T Dawn has been building an ever growing fan base through her unique style and indie sound.


Short Bio

Growing up T-Dawn has always had her hands deep into music. Her parents would feed her ambitions with guitars, drums, horns, and anything that she requested. It was not until several years later, had she found herself alone in a church sanctuary, feeling the urge to play the grand piano she had been eyeing on stage. 

As soon as her fingers touched the keys she was astonished by the hidden talent that she had discovered. She had finally found the instrument that spoke to her, that could make her feel the music through her soul. As many years passed on her passion grew into many instrumental songs. Then a devastating passing of her father happened a few years ago and she found herself branching out into a new found world of music for her, creating her first vocal appearance in her original song “Mental Breakdown”. From then on she has become motivated by many fans,”Starlights”, and appearances at venues such as Caesar’s palace in Las Vegas, Nevada.




How Do We Get There From Here (red)

Troy Garriott is a Christian rock Musician/ Singer songwriter from Jefersonville,Indiana (It's right across the Ohio River from Louisville, Kentucky). Some are good ole' rock and roll others are acoustical. He played in a Christian rock band for a while, then took off on his own to do some writing and recording. He Said "I feel that Christian Rock is a good way to worship Jesus Christ and get the word out to rockers who would not ordinarily get it". "This Way to Heaven" (Won Akademia Award for best Contemporay Christian song for May 2013), "Sweet Georgia Night", And The "Holy Spirit Rocks" are a few songs Highly recommend Listening to. "At The Cross" is a good song for people who suffer from addiction to hear. "Crucifixion Day" is a song you just gotta hear. Its self explanitory. There are four more to check out when you get a chance. He is currently involved in doing more videos, and is writing new songs. "When I was Little, my older brother's rock band would practice in the next room, and as I got older, I also started playing and wrote a few songs that were decent. Of course after discovery of the wilderside of rock-n-roll. I was reborn a Christian. I was determined to write a Christian rock CD for God because of the changes for the better that were made in my life. "Letter to God" is the song that explains just that. "This way to Heaven"(Won Akademia Award for best Contemporay Christian song for May 2013) was about my first experience in the church and how I found you get to heaven through Jesus Christ. "Sweet Georgia Night" is about my beautiful wife and is a huge part of my gratitude. "Are you Ready" is self explanitory. The "Holy Spirit Rocks" is a powerful instrumental that lets everyone know Christians can and will rock. "Crucifixion Day", well, you just have to hear that one".. He added a pure rock song called "Rock it Out" just for the rock of it. and keep an eye out for current and future videos. Anyway today is good and I give all thanks to our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. God Bless you all............................................Troy Garriott




Born on 22.12.1952 in the town of Palmital (SP) Brazil, is the grandson of Italian and Portuguese immigrants. The father was a singer and instrumentalist. There were many singers and instrumentalists in the family. Singer from the 08 years of age, the Choir of St. Sebastian Church in Palmital (SP), where his father was an organist, he developed the art of music, also learning to play guitar when he 11 years. His first public performance was at 08 years of age, in a musical form of theater in his hometown. First participated in a Festival of Music at age 16, in the First Festival of Popular Music of Palmital (SP) held at Cinema Local, where he received the award for 4th place. Composer and performer, has participated in many festivals, popular and sacred, from his youth. Recorded in partnership with his friend (Paulo Roberto Silva), an LP in 1982 entitled Acorda, Povo!, which included two of his compositions: Mensageiros do Senhor e Rumo à Liberdade. He also composed the song Meu Velho e Querido Imigrante, in honor of his grandfather, an Italian immigrant, portraying a bit of his life and sufferings of migration, taking with it part of the festival Canto of Brazil 4 (1984), Fortaleza (CE) sponsored by Bank of Brazil. It also has a track recorded with Paulinho, the LP Cante Terra II, Music, America, Lamento e Esperança (composition Carlos Aleixo), Campo Mourao (PR), the ranking among the 12 songs in the finale of the Festival of Native Music Rio Grande in 1988. In 2002, he recorded with his daughters, the song "Ó, Cruz de Amor!", the composition of the group Les Messagères Notre-Dame, Quebec, Canada, that has been well accepted internationally. Winner of the award for best song in March 2013, in the category Contemporary Christian by The Akademia Music Awards with the song "Rumo à Liberdade". Was featured in Poze Magazine, the first quarter of 2013, produced by site Poze Productions/Poze Records, Chicago (USA). Winner of the award for best song in May 2013, in the category Cover Song by The Akademia Music Awards (USA) with the song "Ó, Cruz de Amor!". Formed in musical theory by Municipal School Leonne Di Biaggio of Campo Mourao (PR). Makes volunteer work at the School APAE - Association of students with various disabilities in Campo Mourao (PR), in the musical area, accompanying the students in presentations and festivals. Participates in the music ministry at Cathedral St. Joseph in Campo Mourão (PR) Brazil, Wedding Ceremonies, Events and Shows.




Maria Morlino

Maria Morlino was born in Oakland, CA to immigrants from Caurio, Michuacan Mexico.  Maria’s mother was a trained singer.  She also played the piano and composed songs.  Maria’s father loved music, he loved to sing and play the harmonica. This love of music is what inspired Maria to go into the music business.





I am Christine Rose this is another part of my world I want to share with you my other passion, my love, Music. Music took me since I was born, even at the age of three whereas I was a little kid, I sang and moved my body in my baby gestures and language way, my singing was a mix French, English baby gibberish.

I can sense all vibrations when music takes me I feel all fusions as though particles growing through my veins and my entire body, from head to toes I feel blessed by this delicious enchantment which keeps my body and soul soars, Music gained my heart and transported it in another dimension.

Dreams is not only a wish come true, it's also sounds mixed with all rhythms all styles, there is not definitive style adopted all styles are guided by a divine light sprinkled on my path.
All music style are a language from soul, communicative and magic, music can be vector of different emotions and brings so much rhythmic variety, it's the same flow of senses in the same state of mind when I write fairy tales, I feel transported by all the magic worlds exciting about the process and music creation makes me feel the same intensity, overwhelmed by emotions.

Dreams is not only an gathering of styles but it's also a marriage between earth and heaven a feeling of grace and a blessing and all I feel in my life and all I want to share with people around the world.
Dreams is like a glowing light and stars through the nightly sky, an ocean, a mountain, an ethical and poetic inspiration, a vibration, a reflection of who I am. Thanks God for giving me the opportunity to be me" Christine Rose", a dreamer attached by a spiritual message of love through my music creations, writing, tales, and singing , I also want to thank Michael Jackson he was the best artist of all the time the greatest and he will stay the King forever, he will be my role model eternally.

Internet places where you can find me





Group info: We are a hard hitting Hip Hop/ Rap project that refuses to lose! We've been makin noise here in Indy for over a year now and we're on the look out to make noise everywheres. We've won 3 Akademia awards within the project, 2 for best rap song 2013 and 1 for best rap EP. We're also proud to say we're one of Poze's many fine artists. We hope to help build the platform we all to deserve to be on!





I am a singer and songwriter from Canada. I play music since i have 15 years old. I'm a rock artist and nominated at the Hollywood Music And Media Award 2013 rock artist with my song Runaway. I'm currently with Taylor Morrison Music Group: management and development production, promotion songplugging
Over 1,000 members on Poze Production/Poze Records.com i've been choosed for VIP members.

Directed by:
2004-Star Academy show
2004-Finalist The Festival of the Arts
2006-Pride Event Quebec
2007-"Forgot Myself acoustic" released
2012-Photo Shoot "Runaway"
2012-The Voice audition
2012-Recording in studio my EP "Runaway"
2013-Radio Interview at Poze Radio
2013-Performing at The Monday Music Event
2013-Released EP "Runaway" Feb 15th
2013-Nominee Rock Artist HMMA
2013-Nominee Alternative Rock at The Akademia Music Award
2013 Filming, recording and shooting photo in Nashville
2013-Feature on Wave 96 Radio in Ohio http://tun.in/seR59
2013-Entertaining interview by Julie Rheaume with Erik McCall from UK radio station https://soundcloud.com/edamusicradio/julie-rheaume-interview-15?utm...
2013-Feature Ohio radio station http://rock365radio.com
2013-Feature Ohio radio station http://xtreme365radio.com
2013-Feature Ohio radio station http://elite365radio.com
2013-Feature Ohio radio station http://indie365radio.com
2013-Feature Johns Rock Show UK radio station http://fb.me/1GnJZ6vP3
2013-Aired on Canadas #1 Pod Cast the WEB SHOW http://t.co/nyyEY0GqGw




A group of hard working musicians that have played many venues and have opened for many headliners.

The music and good time reverberate through out all the venues we play!

Looney Train has been influenced by all of the classic rock of the 60's, 70's, and 80's. Artists include Tom Petty, The Who, Uriah Heep, Kiss, Cream, Alman Brothers, Doobie Brothers, Tod Rundgren, The Romantics, John Cougar Mellencamp, Badfinger, Styx, Pink Floyd, and more. Come on out and enjoy the ride!





From the eastern suburbs of Melbourne, Australia, Roxie (Sarah Garth) is set to take the world by storm with her individual creativity and flair as a solo artist, songwriting and performing.
Her plans are to bring music with a real spark of creativity and emotion back into the airwaves where it belongs.
​From the age of 12, the moment Roxie picked up a guitar, she knew it was her dream to perform. With a lot of dedication and inspiration, she has become a proficient guitar player with a prominence of emotional, Slash inspired playing style. Later on, she yearned a greater need to connect with the audience as a musician - she felt she had a voice inside her that needed to be heard, and from there has developed a singing voice, enjoying the freedom to bring more of her own flair into her performances. It was only recently that Roxie believed music was her true path in life, and in this short time she has come such a long way in creating her own songs and forging her own sense of artistry and integrity that only few artists seem to have. With an eclectic range of musical tastes, from her main idols like Guns N’ Roses, Michael Jackson, Bon Jovi and Europe (the band), she has shaped a unique, classic meets polished rock inspired style that can’t be imitated. Her striking influences have shaped Roxie with a combination no one has ever seen before. Roxie’s style can be difficult to explain with words, but imagine the big sound of hard rock fused with the slickness and refinement of Michael Jackson’s music, with the creativity and meticulousness to match; all together to form a pleasing sound which has the potential to be commercially successful. That said, Michael Jackson is indeed a massive inspiration to her in music and style, but most of all, in his integrity and work ethic. Roxie wants to be like him in terms of his dedication and fulfillment of creative visions, not in the way some artists imitate him and fail to do so. However, Roxie is not afraid to venture out of what she is used to, as she loves to experiment and add elements of other genres to fulfill her own creative vision for her songs. Roxie is very dedicated towards her music, and is driven on making her songs sound exactly how she wants her songs them to. She loves being able to put her own emotion into her songs, and tell a story with the lyrics, melody and beyond. To Roxie, there is not a more profound way of telling a message than through song, because there are more than just words that someone can hang on to, and feel attached to. Music can be quicksilver, your experience changing every time you listen, or it can be unchanged through time and in the face of any element of life. It can take you back, make you miss the past, or be excited for the future. Above all, it can do anything. Roxie’s ultimate goal in music is to be a well known and respected artist, who gives people music they can turn to in any kind of need. She wants to entertain and give great performances people crave, and be refreshingly different by bringing back the magic of high energy and charisma.

This is the most important part, but there is more than just music that makes Roxie feel that being an artist is the right path for her. There are many things she would do with exposure to the public and resources that could improve the lives of many people less fortunate, which is something she cares about very much. She aims to increase awareness about serious issues, which she has already done in some of her songs. In her words; “I would like to have the same charm that Michael Jackson and Princess Diana had with people, and I feel I already have a seed of that which can only flourish with experience and having the ability to help others. Overall, through my musical endeavours and being who I am, I want to be inspiring. I aspire to be a great role model to people the way those I admire have been and still are to me.”
Roxie is currently unsigned, but is positive that a label will want to take advantage of her potential very soon. She is everything a great artist should be, and what record labels alone cannot create. Combine Roxie’s originality with a record label’s co-ordination, and she can make light work and magic happen.
Achievements: Won Avila Songwriting Competition, has performed in a rock band in front of hundreds, up to a thousand people on numerous occasions, placed 2nd Most Popular Artist for Kozmic Dreamers Song Event, featured and on the cover of Poze Magazine, nominee for the Akademia Awards Hard Rock/Rock category.

Genre: Classic Rock, Hard Rock, Pop Rock with hints of other genres

Musical influences: Guns N' Roses are what started everything off with guitar. Bon Jovi made me want to sing and Michael Jackson made me want to perform and being inspired by his mindset, do everything to the best of my ability. I am also very inspired by Slash's solo work, other bands including The Fray, Europe, Warrant, solo artists such as Taylor Swift.
​The Word On Roxie
“Roxie is an upcoming talent in Australia. Her refreshing vocals draw you into her country/rock style. Roxie’s song writing shows a depth beyond her years with powerful, yet simple, chord progressions, striking guitar riffs and solos, and lyrics that take you on a journey and tell a story.”
Roxane Lascaris, Director of Music at Avila College 




Nominee Rock Artist Kristen Faulconer at The Hollywood Music and Media Awards 2012

*Kristen Faulconer 2012 Nominee at The Hollywood Music and Media Awards in the "Rock" category for her song, "Phoenix" Feat. Chet McCracken.

*Kristen Faulconer 2012 Nominee at The Indie Music Channel Awards for "Best Rock Artist".

*Kristen Faulconer 2012 Nominee at The Indie Music Channel Awards for "Best Pop Song" for her song, "Fun".

*Kristen Faulconer 2012 Nominee and Finalist at "The 2012 All Indie Music Awards" for "Best Rock Artist"

*Kristen Faulconer 2012 Nominee at "The 2012 All Indie Music Awards" for "Best Pop Artist".

*Kristen Faulconer 2011 Nominee at The Hollywood Music and Media Awards in the Original Song-Video Game Category for her song: "Slow Down" Feat. Raymond Herrera (from Fear Factory) on THQ's International Video Game Alive: MX vs. ATV 2011

Hello my name is Kristen and I am a singer songwriter from Colorado. My music is about empowering and uplifting people. I am an abuse survivor, and I wrote many of my songs about the abuse I endured and also my struggles with being adopted while trying to maintain a mainstream appeal. Now that I am rehabilitated my mission is to use my music to inspire and help people in the same situation and all people through their struggles in life. My focus is to write music that has a message. I am a survivor and throughout the toughest times in my life all I had was my music, it spoke to me. Now I am creating music to do the same, it is an outlet for expression. I write with passion, from experience and from my heart. My hope is to reach out to my listeners and inspire them to make healthy decisions in their life and to choose to be in healthy relationships. My music is an emotional release of how I feel and I can be brutally honest. Too often we are unable to speak our truth and so I try to create an outlet that we can all relate to, my hope is to unite my listeners by creating something that is universal. Please also visit my Open Group on Facebook "Revolution Against Abuse" or RAA where you can learn about abuse, ask questions, find answers educate yourself on what it looks like, what it feels like, what you can do if your are victim to abuse and how you can help others and stand with me in my campaign against abuse: http://www.facebook.com/groups/134601396658000/Thank You and Enjoy : ) XoXo Kristen






Maria Elena Sanchez was born in Cuba, raised in NYC, lived for some years in Miami, and now resides in Houston, TX.  Maria Elena started her musical career in her 20’s as a solo singer - she has been a church choir director and pianist/organist, piano teacher and aside from her music, a published poet - maybe that’s why lyric writing came easy to her.  Now she wants to share her love of music with everyone - her goal being to have her music heard and sung all over the world. 

Maria Elena's composition's style is unique; coming from her heart and extraordinary mind.  Her music is inspired by the many decades of songwriters that have shared their unique sounds with us. Maria Elena now wants to inspire future songwriters with her sound.


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