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Please Support Ismael Aurismond, Star Athlete Linebacker from Alabama State University in Upcoming NFL Draft 2019

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Give your support to Ismael Aurismond--Linebacker from Alabama State University--He's going to be interviewed by me on VaMo Radio​

My name is Ismael Aurismond, born (on August 14, 95) and raised in Miami, Florida. I’m 23 years of age, married, and I’m a communications major graduate from Alabama State University.

I’m of Haitian decent. My first language is Creole. My parents are from Haiti and I grew up knowing only six people in my whole entire family. I have four brothers and two sisters. 

Some of my measures include my height being legit 6’3 weighing and in at 250 pounds. My 40 yard run is a 4.63 and my bench reps of 225 is 21 reps. My vertical is 32.5 inches.

I am very effective at covering receivers and rushing the passers. I’m a dominate run stopper, if you asked. I can get the edge set in any defensive system. 

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**Listen to Vanessa Morgan's upcoming interview with Ismael Aurismond on VaMo Radio**

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